Matt’s X-Factor Chart: Semi-Final Week

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Ever since Stevi and Only the Young left The X-Factor two weeks ago; the show has seemed bereft of a little bit of light to lift the mood between all the solemn ballads. Whilst all the final four are talented singers, only one has real stage presence and its clear to me at least who deserves to win the programme.

1. Fleur East – Uptown Funk 

I haven’t exactly been backward in coming forward about my love for Fleur and this week she proved exactly how good she was when she was handed the right song. Whilst I wasn’t a fan of the ‘her song was changed at the last minute’ contrivance she more than proved herself with a feisty performance and flawless vocal. Fleur’s turn was also enhanced by Louis Walsh’s impromptu dancing at the judges’ desk.

2. Ben Haenow – Please Come Home From Christmas

I’ve actually started to warm to Ben over the past couple of weeks and I feel he won the first round of tonight’s contest. That being said, it wasn’t too much of a stretch for Ben to mimic Jon Bon Jovi on this version of his festive classic. One thing I have to praise Ben for is how he’s become more comfortable with the staging and I felt he coped well with a routine which saw him start out in the car park.

3. Andrea Faustini – Wrecking Ball

I feel like I have to copy and paste the majority of my comments on Andrea as once again he delivered a solid diva-like vocal but nothing in the way of stage presence. Plus, after watching Friday’s Gogglebox, I can only really view him as a toddler with a beard.

4. Fleur East – All I Want for Christmas

I personally felt that Fleur was ill-served by this song choice as this generic Christmas number doesn’t suit her style. However, I felt she still did an admirable job and performed the song with her trademark gusto.

5. Andrea Faustini – O Holy Night 

I was rather distracted during Andrea’s Christmas number as he seemed to be dressed as Blofeld; perhaps he was trying to get himself cast in the new James Bond film as a stand-by for Christoph Waltz.

6. Lauren Platt – Story of My Life

I will be shocked if Lauren doesn’t get eliminated as she was by far the weakest of the final four. Although I did like the personal message she conveyed during her second song, her vocal still seemed strained and I feel she was still suffering from some sort of virus.

7. Ben Haenow – Hallelujah 

I agree with Mel B as this choice of song for Ben was a mistake and made for a rather lacklustre finish to Saturday’s show.

8. Lauren Platt – Stay Another Day

A bland, forgettable version of the East 17 classic which didn’t really showcase any of Lauren’s strengths. I feel that there were a dozen other Christmas songs that would’ve suited her better and this performance is another reason why I feel she won’t make it to the final.

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Matt Donnelly

Matt Donnelly


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