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by | Sep 29, 2005 | All, Reviews

What to say if you liked it

Sunday evening. Hangover still nagging. What better than some murders in picture postcard England to wash over you.

What to say if you disliked it

John Nettles’ Barnaby remains TV’s most boring detective. It’s almost as if he deliberately avoids putting any inflection in his speech and hides the merest sign of emotion.

What was good about it?

• The first victim was an old man with a ponytail. People like him deserve to be coshed with a torch.

• The best decapitation we’ve ever seen. Barnaby and his equally uncharismatic sidekick were pursuing a motorcycling antiques dealer when suddenly his head popped off and landed on their windscreen. He’d run into some taut wire tied between trees. Just to add to the hilarity, the headless corpse continued several yards off the road on the bike before crashing, as the head, with helmet and specs remaining, stared up at the cops.

• June Whitfield singing We’ll Meet Again

• Trevor Peacock was in it. The one who goes no-no-no-yes to hilarious effect in The Vicar Of Dibley.

• Barnaby’s wife reminds us of our beloved Mary Parkinson.

• The ludicrous plot. They are always silly in this series, but the feud over piece of music called Midsomer Rhapsody was one of the best/worst we’ve seen.

• Tom Ellis as the hunky builder.

• The scenery.

• The sheer poetry in the names of the characters – Peggy Alder, Charlie Speight, Melody Thorpe, Arthur Leggott, Noah Farrow, Michael Maybury, Laura Crawford, Harvey Crane, Owen Swinscoe, Joe Smeeton…

What was bad about it?

• The lousy continuity. The snow lay deep and crisp and even in some scenes; not a flake was to be seen in others.

• June Whitfield’s all-purpose, random rural accent.

• We were miles off in our guesses about the identity of the killer. Turned out to be the guy who was married to the sister who was feuding with… It was some guy called Alan Thorpe.

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