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If you find Footballers Wives a bit tame, then have a look at this. It’s about fit young people with tans who behave outrageously, jet off to exotic locations and have lots of sex, and it doesn’t turn shy just before the bras come off. It doesn’t turn shy after the bras have come off either, because this week it featured a real live penis (pierced, too). Now that’s going the extra mile.

The fit young people all work for a fictitious cut-price airline called Fresh, flying holiday routes between England and Spain. It’s the sort of outfit where the in-flight sandwiches cost extra, but the cabin crew can be had for free if you bump into them at the stopover hotel. There’s a hunky pilot, and predatory stewards in gay and straight denominations, but the core of the team are the trolley dollies, hard-bitten lovelies in tight skirts who’ve seen it all and take no prisoners. These girls party till dawn, put on some slap and start serving breakfast over the Bay of Biscay. The marriage proposals must be pouring in already.

This week’s opener saw a raw young male recruit led astray by the old hands, ending up naked and robbed, first by a tourist then by two stewardesses from a Spanish airline. The pilot got his kit off too, in the cockpit (as it were) as a forfeit for missing a takeoff slot. Meanwhile, the flight attendant he’d dumped was marrying someone else, after a hen night that included a male stripper (he of the adorned member). Too in love to shag him, she passed him on to her mate, who was taken by him doggy-style before heading off for the flight briefing.

It sounds like soft-porn rubbish, but surprisingly it isn’t. Where Footballers Wives plays at being adult, this show has a genuine grown-upness to it, the message being that we’re 21st-century people, this is what we do and you’d better get used to it. There isn’t actually all that much nudity; just enough, in fact, to establish that it’s not messing about. The characters may not have depths, but they do have some respectably well-drawn shallows, ably realised by a solid cast of soap-drama veterans including ex-Hollyoaks heart-throb James Redmond, Naomi Ryan (Bobbi in Coronation Street) and the much–underrated Sarah Manners, also currently seen as a wonderfully snotty receptionist in Casualty.

Sky One doesn’t do much original drama, but when it does it tends to get straight to the point, delivering decent-quality populist material without the posturings of other channels in the 18-35 market. Mile High is a good example.

Luke Knowles

Luke Knowles


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