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Did we like it?

This conspiracy theory drama could have been ITV’s equivalent of award-winner State Of Play, but only if they’d been brave enough to dump some of the domestic despair and avoid the wham-bam conclusion.

What was good about it?

• Leather-clad Beezlebub’s message that mobile phones are the instruments of the devil was spot on. They allow people with nothing to say to say more and more, louder and louder, over and over. And if Beezlebub was annoyed by ringtones as much as he was by intrusive conversations, then he’d surely not stopped at shooting chatterboxes and blowing up masts.

• We quite enjoyed seeing the killing of the car driver who was flouting the law and endangering lives by using his mobile on the move, but that was overshadowed when a Scouse airhead in a train’s Quiet Zone had her brains blasted all over the headrest after ensuring that fellow passengers were kept abreast of her shallow life. We punched the air at that point. You deserved it, lady.

• Neil Fitzmaurice as Eddie Doig, the dying phone engineer who blames mobile phones for his cancer and is hypnotised by a dodgy therapist (an unsmiling and quite scary John Thomson) to carry out his evil plans. And Julie Graham turned in another faultless end-of-tether performance as his wife.

• There was a lot of excitement and panic which translated well on to the screen.

What was bad about it?

• The red cap red herring.

• The police were shown as incompetent fools, more concerned about maintaining Manc-Scouse rivalry than doing their job well. The one exception was DI Lorraine Conil (played well by No Angels legend Sunetra Sarker) – apart from when she allowed her car to be nicked by the train killer. The main offender was DI George Fleming (forcing the often-excellent Shaun Dooley into a rather idiotic role)

• The episode ended with Eddie’s spectacular death. A more intelligent drama would have kept him alive and avoided the tears-on-the-sofa finalé.

Luke Knowles

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