Monkey Magic, Five

by | Nov 17, 2002 | All, Reviews

How many items on Five’s Monkey Magic were magical?

• Monkey Boy empties out all his mobile phones to answer a call that actually is on a big normal phone in his jacket pocket. Miscast

• Tufty ties up Papa and leaves him in a phone box to get free. Miscast

• The Colonel plays with a false bogie while interviewing Michael Winner. Miscast

• Monkey Boy performs a coin trick while naked. Miscast

• Tufty does a magic trick while being attacked by a boxer. Miscast

• Monkey Boy performs an old Great Soprendo trick. Magic

• Tufty turns into the Incredible Hulk (Papa painted green). Miscast

• Colonel performs the same coin trick twice. Magic

• Tufty fills up a cup with tea from his T-shirt. Miscast

• Papa does a balloon trick at a temple. Miscast

• The gang perform misspell magic where a rabbit from a hat becomes a rabbi from a hat. Miscast

• Who’s in Papa’s pants? Miscast

• Monkey Boy does a trick with bubblegum and a ring. Magic

• Tufty guesses what topping a pizza waitress likes. Magic

• Papa performs a variation of sawing a woman in half in the gym. Miscast

Totals Magic: Four Miscast: Eleven

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