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Here’s a selection of texts and emails received from enraptured viewers:

“Yvette said it was going to be the scariest Most Haunted yet, and it will be the scariest yet as I can feel the supernatural ambience through my television!” – Angeline Throb, Olympus Mons

“Karl is so right when he says ‘Most things happen when you’re not there’, what else could explain all these rumours of the asylum being haunted. Just because people aren’t around to see the spectres of shadow it doesn’t mean they don’t exist!” – Nicola Famine, Tewksbury

“Be careful team, I really fear the omens are not good. Look at the fateful harbinger of Cath’s birthday – birthdays are a reminder of birth, and birth is a reminder of death, and death is a reminder of ghosts! Be safe!” – Wayne Quadrant, Berwick

“I just felt a chill go through my bones when Brian Shephard said he was making contact with a ghost at the asylum: ‘A patient. Fred. Old Fred, or something’. Oh my god, such foresight and accuracy has frozen my blood in my veins!” – Tom Continent, Cambridge

“I was closely watching Julian’s conversation with the ladies vying to go on the vigil with the team. And as I was doing so, the face fell off one of their pumpkins. I fear this is a bad omen for the night! Keep safe, Yvette!” – Tim Ankles, Great Yarmouth

“Please, please, please listen to me! About ten minutes into the show, there was a film about a Liverpudlian horror writer, and 15 minutes later there it was again! What other explanation could there be other than the show itself is haunted!” – Foetus McStooge, Leeds

“Keep an eye on Julian’s head. Every now and then, two piercing globes of light dance across his skull; surely a sign that the spirits are with us!” – Rebecca Gangster, Penzance

“I was watching and listening for the merest sign of the spirits during the Ouija board, and clearly heard one person begin clapping before the rest of the audience. Definately provoked by restless ghosts!” – Claire Maim, Shropshire

“Look at the messages coming up on the screen from viewers – they are all saying exactly the same thing! This is defaintely something made possible by a strong supernatural presence!” – Rodeo O’Jupiter, Portsmouth

“This proves beyond all doubt that the Denbigh asylum is haunted, as even though it’s in a strong Welsh-speaking area, all the spirits are responding to Yvette’s requests in English, and only the dead are intuitively multi-lingual!” – Simon Allegedly, Cardiff

“My heart almost stopped just then! Paul Ross was walking towards the camera, his lips were babbling some mystic incantation, but no sound emanated from his mouth! Lord, save us!” – Pauline Guarantee, West Midlands

“I’ve had to turn off my TV. I’m sure the spirits are reaching out from the haunted asylum and possessing me in my living room as I’ve just spent the last three hours glued to Most Haunted – but I can’t remember a thing!” – Mary Please, Aberdeen

“Yvette, please get out of there! Brian learned from the ghost Bella that there were 96 spirits in the asylum – but at least 200 have been spotted by viewers watching the TV and webcams! Your presence is obviously attracting ghosts from all around! Leave while you can!” – Daniel Humanity, Pembrokeshire

“I don’t see why our troops in Afghanistan are being showered with medals. I agree with Paul Ross when he says Yvette and the team are on, ‘A fantastically brave exploration’. I expect knighthoods and Victoria Crosses all round! Arise, Dame Fielding!” – Tomahawk Porridge, North Somerset

“This is my 18th text, costing me £9. But what is £9 when matched against unlocking some of the most profound mysteries of the universe?” – Rufus Fringe, Exeter

“During the Ouija board session, I clearly saw Brian’s finger act as a restraint on the galloping cup to prevent too much alarm from spreading among the audience. Thank you so much, Brian, you truly know how to rein in the spirits so they can be enjoyed and not feared!” – Roderick Three, Liverpool

“Everyone should take a look at how quickly Dr Kieron the sceptic has come round to thinking that there may definetly be truth in the supernatural!” – Adam Tyretracks, Chichester

“I am texting this from underneath my bedclothes after Paul Ross asked, ‘Were there different types of demon in Wales?’” – Billy Saintly, Bude

“Yvette! Yvette! Get out of there! When you made that ‘errrr’ noise to provoke the demons to repeat it sounded as if they had already entered you!” – Oscar Coffee, Madrid

“I usually watch Most Haunted as my wife is a fan, but I’m a non-believer. But now that’s changed after Paul Ross assured us that ‘Everywhere in this building, according to research, is resonating with paranormal activity’, and we all know that research dispels cynicism!” – Geoffrey Bungle, Oxford

“Excellent historical work from Lesley! She found the witch Bella of Denbigh in local records dating from the 1850s – this tallies perfectly with Brian’s earlier psychic contact with Bella when she said lived in the 16th century. Who else but a witch could live for more than 300 years?” – Thomas Nerves, Ailsbury

“I was in floods of tears when poor Stewart fell unconscious after spending time alone in a padded cell as part of Dr Kieron’s experiment. I could barely watch as the paramedics struggled to clamber into the cell, over the cameraman capturing Stewart’s comatose expression, to administer oxygen. I was just thankful that he regained full consciousness just before Most Haunted finished so he could give a lucid account of what befell him.” – Beatrice Grime, Buxton

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