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What did the viewing public make of this vigil hosted by Paul Ross and Yvette Fielding from the castle once inhabited by the notorious Vlad the Impersonator?

Joshua Ethanol from Oxford: “I was spooked when Yvette started talking in English to a Romanian ghost – and he responded by tapping the floor! This proves ghosts attend university courses.”

Henrick Mahogany from Billericay: “As I was watching Julian read out the text messages his legs became blurry and looked like a spider’s – long, thin and distrustful. Maybe Vlad had some pet spiders who have also taken up residence in the spirit world?”

Thatch Barnstorm from Chorley: “Throughout the whole evening Yvette had this haunted, desperate look in her eyes.”

Eritrea Elan from Grimsby: “I noticed that the messages being read out by Julian were in a very large font. Maybe the ghosts have possessed the writing on the page, causing the words to inflate?”

Ekaterina Simpleton from NW1: “As Paul Ross did a link, behind him I could see a jerking black shadow that cruelly mimicked each movement that Paul was making.”

Reason Hoghurst from Ashton-under-Lyme: “At one point Yvette turned her head sharply and her hair moved at the same time. Maybe Vlad likes to ruffle the hair of the women he used to keep in his castle?”

Jemima Jumpity-Jowels from Dublin: “When David said he could visualise around him four soldiers who could kill with their bare hands, I could see a different figure, who sent me a message he was called Komon Sensz, waving a white flag of surrender. Do take care, Yvette and David.”

Marion Lipservice from Kent: “Yvette said she heard banging on the railing, maybe this was the sound all the way from Britain of people leaving their living rooms in obvious fear!”

Ratty Hosannah from Whitley Bay: “At one point a short woman with a green face appeared from nowhere next to Yvette and David. And the very next moment, they have given her a name, ‘Kath’, and were inviting her to take part in a séance. Some spirits are so convincing they can even fool experts like David.”

Pilar Topost from Ely: “When Yvette started whistling, it sounded eerie and otherworldly as if each note was possessed by a ghostly presence.”

Maximilian B’Pm from Cambridge: “Yvette spoke clearly all night, but once she only mouthed the words, ‘come on’. I’ll wager that they were stolen from her mouth by a vengeful spirit before they could become sound.”

Tamara Keyhole-Surgery from Exeter: “At one point, Karl went ‘Wooooo’. This must have been a ghost possessing Karl as he would have no knowledge of the language the spirits use among themselves.”

Digby Spadework from Swindon: “When Yvette threw some money down the stairs it proved the presence of spirits because they didn’t go chasing after the coin but remained in the room as they knew full well they wouldn’t be able to pick it up.”

Mac MacPipe from Arbroath: “In the ad breaks I kept seeing visions of a sinister figure who you would expect to see haunting scary castles in Romania. And then I was chilled to the bone when David and historian Lesley Smith independently described the spirit present in the castle as an exact match as the figure haunting the ad breaks. When I turned in, I left the light on and pulled the bedclothes up tight.”

Elizabeth Windsor from London: “When David said he could feel the cold in one room because of the spirits, I felt queasy with nerves as I stayed in a castle in Windsor last month and every room was warm and welcoming as they are in every castle I’ve ever stayed in during my whole life. Cold room equals ghosts! Well done, Most Haunted!”

Xylophone McPhee from Bradford: “At one there was only Yvette, Karl and David visible in the room – but I could see four chins!”

Juniper Bush from Carlisle: “I believe the words ‘Hitler’ and ‘diaries’ will be important tonight.”

Josiah Ignition from Reading: “Despite being scared stiff, I really admired the ghost, this Vlad Tepes. When Yvette implored him to ‘throw something at one of us’ or to ‘give one of the gentlemen a shove’ he didn’t resort to violence but ignored the request unlike today’s youngsters who would have been creating havoc at the first invitation. It’s a shame the youth of today don’t take a leaf out of Vlad’s book on decent behaviour!”

DeBrett De Debrett from Bath: “As Paul Ross stood outside at midnight, in the distance I could see lights in the distance – empirical evidence of spirits. What else could it have been? The Romanian peasants would have snuffed out their torches long ago.”

Theodore Bull-By-The-Horns from Southampton: “Julian claimed that there were ‘14 pages of text messages from the Republic of Ireland’ – I’d say that was actually more evidence of our impish friends from the spirit world, or Leprechauns, as there aren’t enough people in Ireland to send in enough messages to fill out 14 pages.”

Arnold Axminster from Brechin: “I sent in a text message at the start of the evening. Later, I sent in another to say that 50p had mysteriously disappeared from my bank account. And now it’s risen to a £1. I’m being robbed by the spirits!”

Perry Moccasin from Stockport: “I saw Yvette on at least five occasions hear things that no one else in the room heard until she mentioned it. I fear for this valiant young woman that she is possessed by a spirit that gives the power of pre-cognition.”

Paul Peru from Birmingham: “As David tried to identify the name of the spirit he said it sounded like ‘Peter’, Lesley said that there was a ‘Paul’ who was resident at the castle in the 15th century and that it was quite easy for people called Paul and Peter to interchange their names. I was shocked as my brother’s name is Peter – and we’re twins!”

Malachi Rewind from Coventry: “ I was so terrified I could barely watch and became even more petrified when I dared to turn over as Yvette seemed to be trapped in a time warp of ghostly origins as she was endlessly repeating the phrase ‘Please, make a noise!’ in an otherwise deafening void of silence.”

Jack Motherboard from Dundee: “Quick! Quick! You’ve got to warn Paul Ross. I was closely following the show when before my very eyes the proud throne Paul was sitting on morphed into a rickety old barrel while Paul was liquefied into a brown, sticky goo and sank to the bottom of it.”

Circles Schneider from Norwich: “I was gripped by the show, but I fear it caused some spooky goings-on with my neighbours. I could see through my spy hole they were watching it too, but they seemed possessed by spirits as they kept collapsing into fits of uncontrollable laughter. I’ve already dialled for an exorcist.”

Agamemnon Cakewalk from the Isle of Wight: “How’s about this for a spooky coincidence! While I was watching Most Haunted, in the corner of the screen was the word ‘Living TV’. Below this there was the word ‘Live’ – the first three letters of each word were the same. The spirits are truly abroad tonight!”

Marcus Desecration from Wrexham: “I think the words ‘Milli’ and ‘Vanilli’ will prove significant tonight.”

And a final tragic missive from Samwise Pelican: “At home alone in my flat tonight I watched Most Haunted and saw the spirits communicate through knocking, tapping and creaking. Now I realise that the same sounds I hear in my empty, desolate flat are not the normal sounds of the nocturnal hours but is in fact my recently deceased mother talking to me from beyond the grave. I’m typing this message from the top of my block of flats and am about to throw myself off to join my mother in the afterlife. Thank you, most Haunted for showing me the path to true happiness.”

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