My God! I’m A Dad, Bravo

by | Aug 2, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

BBC2’s stranglehold on moanathons is broken with this entertaining series featuring celebrities talking about their lad-to-dad dilemmas.

What was good about it?

• The most likeable contributors: Chris Bisson and Jimi Mistry, together with undrunk pints, Virgin Radio’s Geoff Lloyd (“I love the size of the trolleys,” was his view on B&Q) and Simon Greenall

• The quirky title sequence and the faked home movies featuring a hapless bloke who resembled a thin David Baddiel

• Vic Reeves went out of his way to be entertaining, showing us his shed which contains a bar, music, nuts and a figurine of AC/DC’s Angus Young

• In this homes and gardens edition, the men were forced to boast about their toolbox contents; proclaim their love of powertools, hoes and bodge jobs; and face up to the fact that “DIY in the bathroom” has changed from something a little mucky to… err, something a little mucky

• Alexander Armstrong’s narration, using a deliberately groan-inducing script (“from cutting shapes on the dancefloor to cutting shapes into the hall carpet”)

• Dan Hipgrave’s confession that his only foray into DIY was a failed attempt to put up a beaded curtain to keep flies at bay

• Paul Tonkinson’s bending steel face

• Geoff Lloyd’s decision to use his garden shed for its rightful purpose. “I am going to go out and buy a selection of pornographic magazines to hide away. It’s an important part of manhood. I’ll hide them in a drawer under some sandpaper.”

What was bad about it?

• The most unlikable contributors: Wayne Hemingway (boring), cricketer Ashley Giles and his dad (nothing to say), a duo from Dirty Vegas (stupid), Phil Tufnell (all of the above)

• The editing was too fast – after just a few words, off we went to another talking head.

• Goldie Lookin’ Chain’s guide to shopping in a DIY superstore

• We’ve always been overjoyed when we’ve assembled some flatpack furniture so felt a bit disheartened when Vic Reeves insisted: “It’s just like doing a jigsaw.”

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