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• Some great clips were shown. In particular from Dr Who, Desperate Housewives, Saturday Night Takeaway, I’m A Celebrity and from 40 years of Coronation Street.

• A good night for Dr Who, justifying the decision to bring the series back. Billie Piper has never done anything this good in her career and Christopher Eccleston is a talented and exceptional actor.

• The fact that neither Shane Richie or Nigel Harman won best actor. They aren’t that great, they play popular characters in a huge series and happen to be good looking. Chris Eccleston deservedly won as he could give them acting lessons seven nights a week.

• The very audible booing of Conservative Party leader candidates David Cameron and David Davis.

• Paul O’Grady’s win in the Best Daytime Show category because he’s very funny and made the teatime show into a great piece of family entertainment. Who’d have thought it of the man who used to be effing and blinding Lily?

• Who Wants To Be A Millionaire winning best quiz again. It really is head and shoulders above anything else and Tarrant’s reaction every year gets better. He genuinely wants to win.

• Jamie Oliver’s black eye. Just a shame we didn’t get to see him receive it.

• We do like spotting those nominees trying their best not to look disappointed when they don’t win as well as those those who don’t care about the cameras and look totally pissed off.

• Peter Kay. Always a show stealer. Great gags including “I rang for a pizza last night. I said can I have a thin and crusty supreme. They sent me Diana Ross.”

• Ant and Dec winning popular entertainment presenter (again). Doesn’t everybody just like these guys ?

Sharon Osbourne not turning up to collect her award. We like to think she was doing a big shop at ASDA instead.

• Great to see Rik Mayall presenting the comedy show award. We think he should stick to anarchic comedy – it’s what he does best – and forget about being the next Martin Clunes.

• Little Britain deservedly winning best comedy programme, but such a shame Messrs Walliams and Lucas weren’t present. Maybe those new waxworks could have come instead.

• Jamie Oliver asking Tony Blair for more money for school dinners.

• The reception received by Andrew Flintoff as he was given the special Spirit Of Cricket award.

• The Royal Albert Hall was a great venue. So much better than been in a TV studio with just celebs present.

• Glad to see some of the younger, upcoming talents were given a chance to appear as announcers, including Tess Daly, Vernon Kaye, Steve Jones and Jaime Murray.

• Penny Lancaster looking beautiful and healthily pregnant.


• Trevor MacDonald hosting in his usual pompous style. Why? This job needs somebody with wit, personality and sparkle. If Ant and Dec are our favourite Light Entertainment stars, then why don’t they host it? We think they will do a great job.

• Considering it’s a National TV Award ceremony why isn’t there any awards for news, sport or overseas show?

• Two and a half hours is a bit long for an awards ceremony. Some of Sir Trevor’s droning could have been eliminated and some speeches could have been chopped down (especially Antony Cotton’s. Is there anybody left he didn’t thank?)

• The James Bond gags. Did Sir Trevor write them himself?

• The intrusive screeching and screaming.

• How many times did we hear the phrase: “I would, above all, like to thank the viewers…?” We counted 762.

• Why show clips and then bleep them? Why not just show a different clip? Makes sense to us.

• We don’t understand how the stunning and versatile Amanda Mealing is a newcomer when she has been a regular on TV since 1982.

• Yet another appearance by Mr and Mrs Publicity, Jordan and Peter Andre. And the worst part was Andre telling his other half how lovely she looked. So false.

• Davina shouting, screaming and not letting Dermot get a word in.

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