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Never Mind the Buzzcocks, BBC2, Monday 13 March 2006

Did we like it?

Mark Who? Like a much-needed kick up the arse when your sports team is underperforming, Jonathan Ross’ guest host slot on Buzzcocks was a shot of adrenalin for a show that was looking decidedly tired. We’d be happy if he did it every week. The laughs flowed thick and fast.

What was good about it?

• The pre-credits sequence with Bill, Phil and Athelstone (the impassive black guy with glasses who often features in the identity line-ups) as a crappy lounge band set up the need for a guest host well. And, crucially, was funny!

• When Fiona Phillips urged Jonathan to get a pedicure so his wife wouldn’t have to look at his yellowing toenails, his response of “F*ck her! She’s married me so she’s already won the lottery!” had Phil Jupitus – and us – in stitches.

• Ross’s treatment of Tom Fletcher from McFly as an errant schoolboy was a great running gag through the show.

• A Simply Red video had everyone piling in to rubbish Mick Hucknall. At one stage I thought they would start calling up members of the audience to keep it going.

What was bad about it?

• The intro clip of Teddy from the Mitchell Brothers featured rapping so bad it made Kenzie from Blazin’ Squad look like Eminem.

• The clip of Scarlet Fantastic from the mid-80s proved how much dross was released in that decade.

• The clip of V from last year proved that nothing has changed in the last 20 years.

• They didn’t bother to mention that Kevin McDaid from V was Will Young’s boyfriend.

• Kevin McDaid has grown a nasty looking mop. He looked much better shaved.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks, BBC2, Monday 20 March 2006

Did we like it?

Mark Who? While Jonathan Ross did well on show one, Simon Amstell showed that this programme is made for him. He’s no less cynical or funny than Mark Lamarr – but has more hair and fewer wrinkles.

What was good about it?

• Simon being self-deprecating after a cock-up. “I could be worse. I could be Kate Thornton.” And being self-deprecating again when it got a little rowdy. “I feel like a supply teacher. You’re not respecting me like you should.

• Kenzie confirming his place as a National Treasure, getting all coy about Flip Reverse, the Blazin’ Squad song that saluted anal sex, and wearing a very nice jumper.

• Phill Jupitus envisaging a job interview involving one of Kenzie’s old bandmates. “It says here you were in Blazin’ Squad. Tell me a little about that.”

• Bill Bailey explaining why Nick ‘DIY SOS’ Knowles was looking sad. “He’s remembering a particularly bad bit of guttering from 1987.”

• “I would have saved that story for Parkinson.” – Simon’s reaction after Kenzie’s tale of his ‘meeting’ with Meat Loaf. (“We was at Party In The Park and he walked past.”)

• The identity parade encompassing glam rock (the Wizzard saxophonist) and death metal (the ‘singer’ from Napalm Death)

• Comedian Russell Howard and Aaron Gilbert from The Delays (we LOVE Valentine) are funny guys

What was bad about it?

• Naff Nick Knowles with his big face and hippyish outfit.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Monday 27 March 2006

Did we like it?

Mark Who? Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs was a great guest on the show and an equally successful presenter, living up to his opening promise. “I’m contractually obliged to say I Predict A Laugh Riot,” he announced, apologising for his cheesiness by saying: “I feel so dirty.”

What was good about it?

• Ryan Jarman of the Cribs – we love you!!!! Not only is he incredibly beautiful, he’s so, so funny. We loved his tale about defacing a CD cover in Snoop Dogg’s tour bus (“I’m an old-fashioned man and a cock on the head is always funny”); his claim to have invented Live 8 and his story about being on Ramsay Street.

• Ricky’s good-natured presentation, his guest appearance with Young, Gifted & Fat and jokes such as “Bez was once too drunk to appear on Richard & Judy. The shaking, quivering wreck said to her husband: ‘never mind Richard, we’ll just have to get another guest’.”

• The clips of Fox singing S-s-s-single Bed (it’s a classic, we tell ya) and Nina Simone.

What was bad about it?

• Bez was a total waste of space; Jeff Green wasn’t as funny as he should be; and Colin Murray was largely anonymous.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks, BBC2, Monday 3 April 2006

Did we like it?

Hurry back, Mark. This guest host lark is beginning to run out of steam (we definitely won’t be watching next week when bloody Clarkson’s in the chair). This week’s stand-in Lauren Laverne is a safe, sweet pair of hands but she’s unlikely ever to be in the must-see category.

What was good about it?

• “There’s more potential for crazy fun in tonight’s show than you’ll find in Pete Doherty’s glove compartment” – Lauren promised.

• Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert tried his best to pretend to take it all too seriously

• The costume department’s triumph in recreating those Sigue Sigue Sputnik idiots

• Bill Bailey’s attempt to convey the name of Cockney Rebel by singing Knees Down Mother Brown

What was bad about it?

• While Lauren struggled to make us laugh, she was much more entertaining than three of the guests: Charlie Simpson (just giggled), Linda Robson (just gor-blimied) and Mint Royale’s Neil Claxton (just sat there)

• The news that Martin Degville of Sigue Sigue Sputnik is making a new album

Never Mind The Buzzcocks, BBC2, Monday 24 April 2006

Did we like it?

After a horrendous edition fronted by Huey Morgan and one that we couldn’t bear to watch because it was presented by Clarkson, this was a slight improvement, thanks to stand-in host Dale Winton.

What was good about it?

• The delightful Dale’s good humour, Sorento Sunrise skintone, his dissing of Lulu and his attempt to woo Phill Jupitus. “I always thinking there should be a verandah over the toyshop and he fits the bill.”

• Sally Lindsay was the only good guest, scoring 100 per cent on the intros round and being lovely throughout.

• The demonstration of the derivation of the name Scissor Sisters using stuffed toys to adopt the lesbian love position.

• Phill’s Mavis Riley impression

• Bric Brac of The Regents (you must remember their hit, 17?) on the identity parade

• The clip of I Am The Beat by The Look

What was bad about it?

• There were three dreary guests: Andy Fairweather-Low, Suzi Quatro and, annoying as well as dreary, Ben Fogle.

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