The New Paul O’Grady Show, Channel 4

by | Mar 27, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

It is basically just harmless light entertainment, but it is a lot more fun than most programmes that fit into that category. It has a very entertaining presenter and a feeling that is quite warm and nice without being too syrupy.

What was good about it?

• Paul O’Grady himself is excellent. He is very funny and lively and displays a great personality. He chats to the guests and his audience spontaneously and complains when the director pesters him to move on to the next item. The fact that he can do a show like this and make it work as well as his brash, bawdy Lily Savage persona shows he is very talented.

• The ‘if it broke don’t fix it’ attitude. This was just like the old Paul O’Grady Show which was a huge hit and the only thing that has changed is the channel.

• The ‘aaaawww’ factor of Paul’s cute fluffy pet dog Buster.

• Paul’s advice to a woman who wrote in worrying that ‘men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses’. “Instead of taking your glasses off at the beach, take your bikini off, they’ll all look at you then”. He added that the old axiom isn’t true as Deirdre Rashid has had half of Weatherfield.

• The show’s Birkenhead correspondent, nine year old Alex, had to wear dungarees instead of her usual party dress and eat couscous instead of fish fingers “now we’re on Channel 4”.

• The production team got Alex to deliver a bunch of flowers to Paul, one which squirted water in his face causing him to do a Wicked Witch Of The West impression. “I’m melting. Melting! Who’d have thought a nice little girl like you could destroy all my wickedness!”

• Ross Kemp commenting on the dull choice of clip from EastEnders. “That was just two bald blokes getting in a car!”.

• The Organ Game, where callers have to ‘guess’ which tune O’Grady is playing on the organ for £2,000. He said he’ll “give you a few clues”. The ‘clues’ are him, his guests and the audience shouting the answer out.

• The helping out of needy homeless dogs such as deaf Bam Bam whose owner wanted her to be put down, claiming she was ‘no use to man or beast’.

• The surprise for an audience member, an old lady called Maureen, who does voluntary work helping out other old ladies. She was treated to a bunch of flowers and a trip to a spa to “get pampered, covered in oils and mud while great big fellers in vests rub your body”. O’Grady also made a good point about carers being “sadly neglected in this country”.

What was bad about it?

• Some of the constant innuendos grated quite a bit. “I shall be playing my beautiful new organ”.

• Guests Ross Kemp and Melanie Sykes weren’t particularly interesting.

• The very strange order the previews for the next few shows came in – Thursday, Next Week, Friday, Tomorrow.

• We learnt that Chris Evans is going to be a guest on Friday.

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