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by | Sep 6, 2005 | All, Reviews

What to say if you liked it

The return of the comedy which is, in essence, a satanic ritual in the form of a TV show.

What to say if you didn’t like it

The drabbest sitcom to hit earth since My Family, which has no laughter for the very good reason of it being utterly unfunny.

What was good about it?

• Jill’s desperation to fleece Glenn, who is now in a psychiatric unit after taking the rap for Jill’s crimes. “I spoke to Jesus earlier, ” Jill tells Glenn. “He says maybe you could give me your chip and pin.” Jill agrees to his proposal of marriage after he kneels out of sight behind the Perspex screen in the visiting area, and when she accepts he excitedly affixes his tongue to the screen like a lamprey and urges her to do the same.

• The traumatised Cathy and Don discussing their sexual problems with a phoney new-age guru in a Cornish retreat. The guru urges the squeamish Cathy to let Don “pop in the tip.” “I’d rather he didn’t.” “A finger… could you accommodate…?” “We did try that. Don hadn’t cut his nails.” “I was learning the guitar”.

• Jill seeming to compliment Linda for losing weight, but then saying it must be because she’d slept with her late husband Terry. “Yeah, they do say it’s good exercise don’t they,” Linda contritely replies. “No,” Jill disagrees icily. “The cancer, Linda. You’ve obviously caught it.”

• “I’m sorry about Terry,” wails Linda pathetically to Jill. “He told me I was special.” “You know you’re not,” says Jill dismissively. “With all due respect, Terry would tell a window it was special.”

• While chatting with Sue (whose husband Gordon was supposedly disabled by Glenn), Jill exclaims that she had an intimation Glenn had something of the Yorkshire Ripper about him; but they nevertheless had some happy times together. “I’m sure Mrs Sutcliffe had some super days out with Peter when he was having a break from raping.” A line which dexterously balanced on the comedy high wire above bad taste and only narrowly avoided falling off.

• Jill’s barbaric beauty treatments inflicted on Sue. “You look old. Sue. If you weren’t talking, I might try to bury you.” So she stabs Sue’s face with botox needles with all the brutal grace of a hunter skewering a boar. Later, Sue complained of her face feeling funny as Jill’s injections had caused half of Jill’s face to collapse like a landslip.

• The vicar suggests Glenn says a few words about casting out the blackness. “The blackies?!!!” The wedding also featured Glenn sucking Jill’s finger to get the ring on, Jill refusing to lift her veil for the kiss, and a performance by Glenn of a song he’d composed. “You Jill Tyrell, naughty little squirrel, remind me a bit of my Uncle Cyril.”

• The bereavement group where Sue scoffs cream cakes and Jill nuzzles Sue’s breasts.

• Boston’s More Than A Feeling playing during the caravan theft scene.

What was bad about it?

• The overkill of unnecessary vulgarity such as Dennis forcing Linda into oral sex, Linda cleaning out an old ladies “downstairs” with what looked like industrial cleaning fluid and Glenn being sodomised in prison (“I bent down to pick up my Wash & Go and he came and went”); all of which were not so much disappointing in their lack of humour, but more so that to descend to such senseless, facile jokes was incongruent with the rest of the superb script.

• Marc Wootton’s Dennis, one awful character too many.

• The mixed upper and lower case letters in the “HAPPY WEdding” sign at Jill and Glenn’s nuptials was too contrived in its construction.

• The mention-a-biscuit-to-get-a-laugh bit. Glenn – “They had to remove most of my guts. I can only manage a Nice biscuit.” At least it wasn’t a Hobnob.

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