No Offence Episode 4: Teen Spirit

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Live from the scene of that “gun fight at the alt-right orgy” and brandishing a dildo with more menace than a porn star, Miller finds a financial link between Dirkin and McCoy which is proof of money laundering. Thank goodness he’s wearing gloves, frankly. For the newly elected Mayor, it’s a case of keeping up appearances as she mingles happily with the police force, literally hiding in plain sight. Viv’s act is less convincing, her personal hurt showing through.

We also meet Dina’s fifteen-year-old daughter Tessa, which might leave viewers racking their brains and wondering if we’ve ever seen her before. She’s drunk at a party and dishing out drugs. Gabriel, who hosted the event bribes Stuart with a day on the beat with him in order to remain quiet. It feels disconnected for a fair while but the more the upstart teenager gets the cops into a spider’s web of lies it thankfully gives the storyline purpose. With a very quickly sent email, Gabriel’s dad sends the offending video to Caroline McCoy which sets in motion a face-off between Viv and Marylin over who should be the one to quit. Deering’s cockiness wins out and it stops McCoy from forcing her hand into writing a resignation letter.

Dennis Caddy is in for questioning and that smack to his head might have knocked some sense into him. Viv Blow’s Bonnie’s cover and we find out that her baby does belong to the Albion leader. Bonnie has been a brilliant addition to the cast but it’s difficult to find sympathy in her speech at the end. Firstly because we don’t really know much about her. We don’t even know her real name. The main reason though is trying to feel sorry for a weeping Dennis, a man who is a violent racist. Of course, we get more background on his history with Beckett which helps a little but the scene seems a bit overplayed. Other than a bit of mother / daughter problems we didn’t get much of Dina and this is the first time the show has missed her dynamic with Viv and Joy.

This has to go down as the most conventional episode to date but even on an off day No Offence still provides plenty of great moments. Spike sheepishly telling everyone he’s about to lose everyone their jobs, Dina’s congratulations to the Mayor through the medium of chewing a wasp and Jonah being in full comedic mode to name just three. Things are also set up for a spectacular final two episodes and you can’t keep a great show down for long.


– Given how she got there, what lengths will McCoy go to stay in office?

– The Dina / Spike chemistry seems to have fizzled out again

– Good to see more of Stuart even if it wasn’t an exciting story for him.

– Beckett has had miniscule screen time for a man so integral to the plot. His time must be soon.

– How much do we wish we could all get our managers to quit so easily?

Contributed by Michael Lee

No Offence Continues Thursday 9.00pm on Channel 4

Michael Lee

Michael Lee


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