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by | Oct 6, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

We nearly didn’t last five minutes, but after three episodes, we’re happy that we’ve stuck with the Lee Mack/Andrew Collins-scripted sitcom.

What’s good about it?

• If we said “the texture” would you think we’re being pretentious. It’s just that we enjoyed the contrasts between the corny, silly jokes and poignant, emotional moments – and the contrast between scenes which amounted to little more than a snappy one-liner to extended scenes which were allowed to breathe

• With just three regular characters, we get a chance to get to know them well – Lee Mack’s Lee, who cracks jokes to create diversions from his real feelings; Megan Dodds as Kate, an earnest American, who couldn’t crack a joke in a million years; and Tim Vine’s Tim, who cracks the odd joke when he’s not cracking up over his latest emotional crisis.

• The scenes outside the apartment really lift the show. Best bits in the opening three episodes were Kate at Clown Club (reversing the bucket of confetti joke and screwing up a trust exercise), Lee trying to amuse the icy psychiatrist, Lee’s awkward dinner date with the author whose bestseller details her childhood abuse, and Lee dressing as a maiden aunt at the funeral for Tim’s Nan.

• Many of the jokes were too obvious, with the punchline smacking you in the face after just a few words, but that didn’t stop us laughing.

• Julia Morris’s guest role as snooty Australian Ruth

• We Will Rock You accompanied by armpit squelching.

What’s bad about it?

• Lee Mack and Tim Vine sometimes struggle to convince as actors – it’s like we’re watching a TV comedy duo in the midst of a routine before introducing us to “the lovely Barbara Dickson”.

• The American influences – the loft apartment setting/the musical stings and aerial views between scenes – annoyed us.

• The audience laughter annoyed us. This is quite an adult sitcom and didn’t need the guffawing.

• Two Thora Hid jokes in three episodes.

Our favourite jokes from the first three episodes

• “She’s got letters after her name.” “So have I.” “No, you’ve got letters in your name.”

• “No man is an island.” “What about the Isle of Man?”

• “My Nan died. I thought she was going to live til she was 100.” “Were you close?” “Well, 94. I was only six years out.”

• “All hands on deck. As the pervert said at the Byker Grove convention.”

• “She self harms.” “What’s wrong with selling farms?”

• “I can’t just turn it on like a tap.” “Force it.” “I can’t just turn it on like a faucet.”

• “I’m a high flier. I say ‘Hi, do you want a flyer’.”

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