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by | Nov 20, 2005 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

Just as when Neville Chamberlain returned jubilantly from Berlin, where his delusions foreshadowed six years of catastrophic war, so the moment when “audience member” Emily introduced Chris Evans will be looked back on in the future as the point which signalled the new, inexorable rise of TV’s biggest fascist for a period of undetermined woe.

What was good about it?

• In an act perhaps more impressive than her excellent turn on Doctor Who, Billie Piper maintained her dignity and even came across as funny and charming.

• The ironic joke of using Take That’s Back For Good as Billie Piper’s entrance music.

What was bad about it?

• Evans’ introduction which, true to type, was concerned utterly with him, him and him. He went to the dentist’s on Friday, you know. He’s such awful teeth, and even showed us a picture of him. And, bless him, he’s even invited his dentist, and her assistant, to the show.

• The content was mostly superfluous tosh. At one point, Evans’ mum drove gingerly around the studio on her “granny cart” as she’d just had it fixed.

• Evans’ ever-so-wacky new stooge Hitem. You can almost see the Evans holding him on a leash/noose treating him like an over-privileged poodle until he tires of him. At which point he might hang him over the abyss of anonymity and cut the rope condemning him to a career producing children’s shows and appearing on retrospectives of the 2000s where he will bitterly vent his spleen about how Evans abandoned him once he’d served his vague purpose.

• Evans just couldn’t resist references to TFI Friday, as if saying: “It was good, look at these clips Mr Channel 4 Producer and tremble. TFI was a work of ginger genius and you tossed it away replacing it with garbage like The Simpsons.” It also meant the evocation of that musical nightmare The Riverboat Song by the now thankfully forgotten Ocean Colour Scene. In fairness to Evans, TFI Friday was as many times better than OFI Sunday as the whole of eternity is longer than the shelf life of Boys And Girls. But it was still shit.

• Evans gallivanting about a park with two balloons decorated as “giant boobies”; when the BBC wanted to fill up dead time they used to put up Pages From Ceefax.

• When Evans was wasting more time with an Al Pacino doll, he sneered to it: “What do you say to our competitor on Channel 4.” We instinctively switched to C4 as respite from Evans’ enervating ego, but rather than a “competitor” it was only a film.

• Few items signpost the decadence of Western capitalism as much as gadgets. And, appositely for such a decadent show, half the air time was consumed by a senseless feature on new gadgets during which a mini-vacuum cleaner received a round of applause.

• The audience. They seem to have been mindlessly shovelled in from the last ever episode of TFI Friday where they have lain dormant like tuberculosis ready to infect a whole new generation who haven’t yet built up an immunity to their virulent vulgarity of mindless cheering, sporadic throaty assent of Evans’ dogma and pre-programmed Nicolae Ceausescu-acolyte ovations.

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