On the Set of No Offence with Alexandra Roach

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We’re on the set of the third series of Channel 4’s hit crime drama No Offence. Chatting with key cast about the upcoming run.

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Alexandra Roach has put on her Manc accent for her role as DS Joy Freers for three series of Paul Abbott’s crime drama No Offence. DS Joy Freers was first introduced as a timid creature but over the three Roach and the writers have helped Joy grow into a capable copper and an instantly likeable human being. So what does this third series hold for Joy?

We see Joy as a much more confident officer. She is secure in her role as detective and is beginning to believe in her ability. She really is at the top of her game – she has the confidence to stare fear in the face. 

The whole team is stronger than ever in this series, supporting each other in the highs and lows of keeping Manchester safe. Dinah is Joy’s best friend who she shares everything with – Viv is a mother figure to Joy and a true inspiration in her work.”  What can you tell us about the new series??

The series opens at a very tense mayoral debate. We see vocal serious right-wingers clashing with everyone and Joy brilliantly steps in and pretends to be a TV reporter and wrangles to get in amongst them and gets one over on the rowdy crowd. It’s a very tense position for nervous Joy but her confidence sells it. Joy then gets Miller to play along– their characters becoming brilliant actors in their thinly disguised roles surrounded by danger. Joy has a twinkle in her eye as she has out done herself and surprised her whole team.

The biggest challenge we had whilst filming the major opening to this series which involves hundreds of extras, a car chase, motorbikes and a fight, was when the ‘Beast From The East’ hit Manchester! We huddled together but some nights we had to give in and go home as temperatures plummeted. We got there in the end after many re-shoots and I’m sure the audience will be on the edge of their seats at this explosive start to this series.”

Contributed by Michael Lee

No Offence returns Thursday 13th September 9.00pm on Channel 4

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