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They’ve made us wait a while, but Tuesday sees the welcome return of one of the best comedies on British television. Peter Kay’s Car Share became an instant classic when it launched in 2015. Now, Peter Kay and Sian Gibson get behind the wheel for a shorter four-part second series. The pair sat down with the BBC to discuss the new run and what made the first such a success.

How does it feel to be back behind the wheel in the new series?

Peter: It was an absolute joy to be back in the car again as after the first series everything

was much more familiar. Also the weather was particularly kind to us, we had plenty of

sunshine and only had one days of rain which is pretty rare in the north west of England.

Sian: I couldn’t wait to get back in the car because we had such a great time making the

first series. This time felt even better because like Peter said we were much more familiar

with everything.

Do you select the songs on Forever FM? Do they have any special meaning to either of you?

Sian: We spent ages going through the music and reminiscing. It was the most enjoyable

part of writing. We both have the same taste in music.

Peter: No we don’t

Sian: We do mostly

Peter: Old stuff we do but you always say if I was anymore middle of the road I’d get knocked down

Sian: (Laughs) When did I say that?

Peter: Ages ago

Sian: (Laughs) That’s really funny, I don’t ever remember saying that. Well it’s true….I’m


Peter: We did spend a lot of time selecting the music, probably more than writing. We’re

both fond of One Step Further by Bardo, which is in episode one of the new series. We both

made our own video to it back in college in 1995.

Sian: Was it really 1995? I feel so old

Peter: You are

Sian: Hey! (Laughs) It did bring back at lot of memories singing it again.

In the first series, you recreated a number of pop videos, did either of you have a favourite one?

Peter: I’m very fond of them all but probably Rush Hour by Jane Wiedlin would be my favourite as we were both in the video together.

Sian: I agree with Peter I loved all the 50’s costumes and the routine in Rush Hour but I think I had the best deal out of the pop videos, Anastasia…Cindi Lauper and also being in my own animation swimming under water to Mmmmbop – Hanson.

Peter: That was a first,

Where you surprised at how successful the first series was?

Sian: Well I was completely. Even though I know how much people love Peter, I was still

worried that they would just be bored with the two of us stuck in a car and I might be responsible for Peters first TV flop. So overwhelmed at how much everybody enjoyed the show and the characters.

Peter: Me too, I was completely surprised. I always believed in Car Share but like Sian I was

always worried that viewers may not have the patience to stay with such a simple idea of two people commuting to work, especially in the this fast paced day and age with so many options to watch, so yes I was completely surprised. Casting Sian was the best decision I ever made and I was grateful that the BBC trusted my decision as I knew if we couldcapture even just a fraction of our friendship then maybe that would be the magic that people would enjoy the most

Sian: That’s nice

Peter: It’s true, besides Sheridan Smith was busy filming Cilla

Sian: You’re funny

Car Share was the most watched new sitcom of 2015, did that create additional pressure when writing the new series?

Peter: No, not at all because we’d already written most of the new series in 2014 which was

a bit of a gamble as we didn’t know if the BBC would want a second series but we just loved

spending the time writing it together.

You’ve known each other for a number of years now and have worked together before, how did you get along in this series?

Sian: We speak to each other every day anyway so working together just saves our phone bill.

Peter: True

Sian: Our relationship has never changed since our college days, we are still as silly and

childish so obviously whenever we work together we get along perfectly as always.

Peter: What she said (laughs)

Series one was made available on BBC iPlayer first and the new series will be available on BBC iPlayer in its entirety immediately after episode one airs on BBC One. Why have you decided to do that?

Peter: Because viewers love to binge watch and it’s great being able to watch as many

episodes as you like in one sitting

Sian: I do that, I watched the full series of The Missing in one day

Peter: I know it tipped you over the edge

Sian: I couldn’t stop watching it. I had to know what happened

Peter: That’s exactly what I mean about bingeing

What comedies do you both enjoy watching at the moment?

Sian: I have watched all of Inside Number 9 – I love how they are all so different and quite dark. I am also obsessed with Catastrophe, I think Sharon Horgan is amazing.

Peter: I think’s Reece and Steve’s writing is fantastic. I don’t know how they keep the stories so consistent and varied, which is hard enough but to have to make them funny on top makes it even harder.

How good a driver are you?

Peter: Erm…….

Sian: We are both very bad drivers.

Peter: I’m not that bad I just suffer with a lack of spatial awareness

Sian: And you drove into that curb in M&S the other night

Peter: Alright, it was just a tap, what about when you sneezed and drove through a wall?!

Sian: (Laughs) I had bad hay fever

Peter: You don’t get hay fever!

Sian: Oh

Finally, if you could go on a road trip anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would you share the journey with?

Peter: I know it’s sounds corny but I found my Car Share buddy twenty three years ago and I’d be happy sharing a car with Sian anywhere in the world….as long as she wasn’t driving.

Sian: Awwwwwwww – obviously it would be with Peter……….or Idris Elba

Peter: You’re funny

Sian: You’re not so bad yourself

Car Share Returns at 9.00pm, Tuesday 11th April on BBC One with the remaining episodes available on BBC iPlayer that night.

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