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by | Mar 24, 2008 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

Sharon Horgan is a custard.tv favourite and this sitcom – deservedly in its second series – shows off her acting and writing talents superbly.

What was good about it?

• The contrasting scenes at the start. Who was having less fun? Donna, alone at home on a Friday night with a bottle of wine and An Inconventient Truth on DVD.? Or her drunken friends, slurring and slobbering their way into moments they’d regret in the morning.

• Donna’s failed attempt to be amusing when she called the pizza company Mr Pizza and enquired into the wellbeing of Mrs Pizza.

• The show is never far away from a shocking moment but it’s all done in the best possible tastelessness. It is packed with plot and scenes of clever farce but also has time for lots of well-observed, dry dialogue. What the characters say is funny when they think they’re being funny and equally funny when they think they’re being serious.

• Donna’s reaction when she realises her ex-boyfriend Karl has been having kitchen sex. “You’re going to have to throw that bread board away, you know.”

• Karen’s reaction to the Karl-Tanya sex revelation. “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t take their best mate’s ex-boyfriend’s cock inside them in a pile of yoghurt.”

• Karen recoiling when she saw her face in the mirror after waking up on the floor of the classroom where she teaches with a half-naked Billy.

• Louise’s face slowly showing that she’s flattered by Lithuanian Oleg’s revelation that he masturbates thinking of her.

• Louise’s face slowly showing she’s realised that Oleg has fallen asleep mid fellatio.

• Donna’s craving for “experiences”. “I wish I had a man fall asleep in my mouth.” And “I want to have stories to tell when I’m older. I want a scar. Not a bad one or anything, maybe one on my arm or just above my ankle.” She became so desperate she resorted to picking up an ex-con who was happy to show off his electronic tag.

• The authentic nightclub scenes. Not easy to pull off but Pulling does.

What was bad about it?

• The drunkenness became a little too relentless. Grow up, we cried, as Billy lurched, Karen slurred and tottered, Donna fell asleep and Tanya snogged Karl after dragging him off the toilet bowl with his trousers round his unsteady ankles.

• Karl’s framed matchbook collection.

Aired Sunday 23 March 2008

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