The reality TV end of days: an annual tradition

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It seems like TV schedulers are determined to get rid of all the good telly before the end of the year. Tannice wonders why.

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So, we’ve said goodbye to the Australian jungle and crowned bland, but ultimately likeable, Dougie Poynter as our King. The X Factor is on its last legs and the live tweets that we started doing at the beginning of the run have died down as people start to grow sick of the format and simply watch it because it’s on and they feel like they should. The show’s format may now look tired and we’ll have to wait until the return of Britain’s Got Talent and the rating figures to find out whether that’s because we’re not convinced there is any talent left after four years of searching or we just don’t like judge-led entertainment any more.

Big Brother lost its gloss and interest a few years ago yet Channel 5 still chose to bring it back. When it was announced that the most recent series was coming to an end, I was shocked. I had forgotten it was on.

Strictly Come Dancing seems to be winning the ratings war at the moment but that might be because it has humour and relative celebrity compared to the barrel-scraping that I’m a Celebrity attempts every year. Whilst it had the screaming and whimpering of both Sinnita and Mark Wright when he had a snuggly sleep-over with some curious rats, eventually I got bored. It’s only the antics of the presenters that keeps me tuning in. When you start bringing back previous contestants -like Peter Andre’s recent foray, causing Fatima Whitbread to come over all girly – it seems a bit desperate – the kind of thing Big Brother eventually resorted to.

Zoe Brownless: the clear winner?

Image Credit: BBC

My favourite of reality shows – the business side of the genre – is also on its way out with the final of Young Apprentice on Monday. We get to see ‘eloquent’ Zara Brownless vie with monotonous James McCallagh after a twist that saw all three of the losing team, including worthy opponent Harry H, binned, along with Haya from the winning team.

Whilst I’m sad to see plucky Harry H lost to the evil twist, as I would have loved to see him compete with plucky Zara, I’m almost agog with glee in anticipation of Zara skewering James – a boy whose voice strikes the nation with sleep apnoea as soon as he opens his mouth.

All these shows have, or will be, finishing any day now. What will we be left with? Will it just be the usual repeats and returns of family Christmas films and the like for the festive period?

The autumn season of excellent, must-see telly is finally over. I mourn its annual death.

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