REVIEW: The Bridge is still edge of the seat brilliance as we reach the midway point

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The Case

Taariq needs penge, and quickly. You’ve got to admire his audacity in trying to blackmail a murder suspect, stealing his wallet and car. Someone told me Taariq was going to get a severe new haircut and I did wonder in a world as dark as The Bridge, does that mean he’ll lose his head? Of course the answer is yes. As Taariq finally realises there’s no way out Henrik and Saga are called to the scene of his armed stand-off. Saga’s compulsive twitching as she attempts to defuse the situation is unbearable. Taariq can’t handle the truth, and unfortunately for him, Saga can’t hide it. A final violent act is preferable to a future in jail or being deported to a repressive regime. Henrik and even Saga seem heartbroken at his death.

So we are finally following some leads that link back to the case. Morgan Sonning, is alibied-up for Margarethe’s disappearance despite his car being identified by Taariq. A link again with Tobias, Morgan’s mechanic brother (who looks nothing like him at all… more on suspicious parentage later). Morgan’s wife is Malene. She was a member of the same women’s health organisation as Margarethe. So that’s one more link. Taken as a whole this family are looking very suspicious indeed.

Now Malene is an older woman aged 55 who doesn’t have children. It’s not explained if  this was her choice, or whether she might regret it. Her sister-in-law Nicole, Tobias’ wife, is young, beautiful, and getting on fine with breastfeeding her baby despite her silicone implants. Surely these women are being set up in conflict with each other? Especially as the eagle-eyed Malene has noticed that both parents have brown eyes but the baby has blue.

Back in the village, still quite separate to the investigation, dodgy Dan is sneaking in – easily tracking down Sofie and Christoffer. Maybe they did need neighbourhood watch after all. Frank is angling to be a father figure to Chris, taking him shooting at the old factory. Is this Chris is being groomed to commit a violent act? Does Dan know how good a shot his angry son is? I’d sneak straight back out again Dan if I were you.

And really who knew there was something more frightening than a clown kidnapping? I worry about the writer’s psyche with this dreadfully sinister storyline. Leonora was in fact injected with a mystery drug by the Go-Pro clown who then blackmails dangerous daddy William and delivers the promised antidote by drone – how very 2018.  It’s all a bit far-fetched, and extremely dark even by the standards of previous series. Remember the pig-mask wearing terrorists wielding the plague as a biological weapon?! It’s devastating to watch a powerful menacing man whimper as he realises he’s been tricked into killing his own beloved daughter – “You’re all I’ve got”. His vengeance is going to be biblical.

The plot is beyond all comprehension right now with a mass of complicated storylines that have yet to converge. Thankfully for our sanity Saga has joined the dots. The three deaths so far have been stoning, electrocution and lethal injection – ways that various countries use to administer a death sentence.  She says there are 7 ways in total, so we have 4 to go. In classic style we know the murders will be over-complicated, next to impossible in the real world, wrapped up in some tenuous political statement, and we’ll have a tabloid-friendly nickname for the killer in no time at all.

The Cast

So the new family this week are the Sonnings, all sort-of linked to Margarethe in some small way. And of course, Morgan is linked to poor Taariq (RIP Taariq’s wonderful hair and RIP Taariq too). We are grateful to them for turning up and jolting the investigation into life, but did they have to turn up altogether? There’s just too many of them! With suspicions around the baby’s parentage they also fit nicely into the recurring theme of complicated family relationships, and thePhilip Larkin poem this series is fast becoming.

Our heroes

Jonas is still needling Saga, delighting in reminding her of what happened to her Danish colleagues – Martin’s decade-long prison sentence and Hanne getting blown up and losing a leg. Does he really think she’s to blame? Change the record Jonas, and stop being so pointlessly cruel.

Saga is beginning to deal with the loss of her sister Jennifer all those years ago. “Try to put your feelings into words,” says the very patient therapist. “Why? Can’t we just go on?” asks Saga. She’s baffled by these questions, but the sessions seem to be doing her good so far.

There’s more trouble in Henrik’s paradise. The sisters he’s caring for steal precious mementoes from him and scarper. He’s also dealing with what to do about his and Saga’s baby. “It’s not a child, it’s an embryo” Saga keeps reminding him and us, which feels very timely. Henrik, distraught about Taariq’s death and the girls running away, goes out and buys drugs, but doesn’t take them. They are in the house though, which is not good at all.  His NA buddy Kevin is concerned. He is a very needy guy. Is his interest friendly, or something else?

A chaser to all this cruelty and despair. We have new information about an old friend – Saga’s beloved Porsche 911. She won the car in a bet with a colleague who thought she wouldn’t stay the course at the police academy. Of course, in true Saga style, she came top of the class and never looked back. Godspeed Saga!

                                                         Contributed by Sarah Kennedy

The Bridge Continues Friday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.

Sarah Kennedy

Sarah Kennedy


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