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This is a full review of The Bridge: Series 4, Episode 5. Catch up with all the reviewshere. Don’t read on unless you’re completely up-to-date on the BBC2 schedule!

Links! Links everywhere! Finally, it’s all starting to come together!

After last week’s wibble, my faith in The Bridge is restored. It looks like we’re over the hump and the jumbled spaghetti that this case has become is finally beginning to make some kind of sense. Professionally Saga and Henrik are on fire when personally they’re at rock bottom.

The Case

Desperate Dan gets his comeuppance, shot by his own son. Did Frank contrive to make that happen, or was it really an accident? Frank takes advantage and uses it for his own gain – more leverage with poor troubled Christoffer, dividing him from his Mum by keeping secrets (not for very long though – don’t tell Chris anything you want kept private) and using his guilt against him. Far from having the boy’s best interest at heart Frank wants Chris to disappear and is now busy manipulating Sofie. He’s controlling in a way exactly like Dan, it’s just he’s playing 10 moves ahead and his ultimate goal is still a mystery to us. Dan’s death means the police finally pay the weird village a visit. Saga’s philosophy smackdown on Harriet is brutal but it’s clear she’s right – utopia in any form won’t work and the rot has already set in in this community.

The Sonnings have alibied each other, so who was driving Morgan’s car? Nicole has access to the key safe too, but says she was at hospital with Tobias and the baby when Margarethe went missing. Nicole becomes far more interesting in this episode – she seems too glam and too high maintenance for kindly paternal Viking Tobias. Meaningfully she and Morgan need to speak to each other in private. Has she been sleeping with him? And boy does she know how to throw a party. Tortured Kevin from Henrik’s NA group (his Dad taught him how to be a fan of Manchester United and drugs, which seems a strange combination) shows up as Nicole’s son from a previous relationship. Hilariously she offers him a foot from the baby shower cake. A leg for the guy who can’t walk. Haha. Nicole might be an asshole.  Looks like Kevin is surrounded by formidable women, as Grandma rocks up sporting a very stylish beret and a hell of a grudge against Nicole. This family seems to have been mainly inspired by Eastenders.

One more satisfying and unexpected link is Margarethe’s husband Niels coming across Henrik’s problem children Julia and Ida in his work as a psychologist with social services. The daughters of Fagin are still resisting all attempts to help them and want to see Henrik again, not realising how much damage they did to him by stealing his treasured necklaces. They assure him they did have more info for the police and the younger sister describes a man who looks alot like Morgan Sonning, but she bottles it in the line-up and says they never actually saw the killer. Are they frightened or just desperate fantasists? Either way, Henrik is exasperated and they’ve just had their third and final chance. He dumps them cruelly, and leaves them to the tender mercies of social services, whether they want to be there or not.

You’re got to feel quite sorry for the killer in this episode. His viral video campaign has been about as successful as Kendall Jenner in a Pepsi advert. The videos of his crimes with the identifying dead pixels have going into people’s spam folders. Thanks to a horse being gassed (“We need to refocus because of the horse!” being yet another strange line in a strange series) Saga works out the true targets are the loved ones left alive and made to suffer because of the killings. Now with the spotlight shifted and the characters beginning to converge this case is really motoring along.

The Cast

As soon as Lillian started getting bawled out by her boss about her team leaking details to the media I was thinking it must be Jonas. Turns out so was she. Is this too easy? The law of Scandi Noir tells us the guilty party is never the obvious choice.

Hello and goodbye to the horse belonging to a woman from the prosecutor’s office gassed to death in his own horsebox. Poor fella. And goodbye to Dan. We’ll miss you even less than the horse.

Our Heros

Saga on living with Henrik says to him “Lower your expectations, I’m no good at it”. She’s not kidding. After looking like they were finally working towards some domestic harmony Saga chooses her life with Henrik over the baby. She gets a termination without telling him. It’s clear Henrik wants to be a dad again but Saga refuses to be someone’s Mum. Is Saga scared of being just like her mother? Is motherhood in general tainted by the terrible burden of growing up a victim of Munchausen’s by Proxy? Emotionless Saga wants to know what she’s done wrong but Henrik isn’t calm enough to explain. He kicks her out telling her she’s incapable of love. When he’s in a rage Henrik hits hard and holds nothing back. Their relationship and their sense of self is in tatters. And of course Henrik uses his bad old coping mechanism. Kevin will be upset with him. But the drugs seem to make him manic and he dives straight back into the case, coming up with a link from the archives – a guy called Tommy. And Tommy is our cliffhanger. Next week can’t come quickly enough!

                                                          Contributed by Sarah Kennedy

The Bridge Continues Friday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.

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