Rocket Man, BBC1

by | Oct 30, 2005 | All, Reviews

What to say if you liked it?

Twinkly Robson Green brightens up a dark Sunday night as recently-widowed George, a man with an obsession with building a rocket

What to say if you disliked it?

It sure wasn’t rocket science to come up with a script like this. Like the chocolates George bins in his work at Blossoms Chocolate, this is something sweet that should have been thrown out. It’ll never take off.

What was good about it?

• It was gentle, inoffensive, schmaltzy, not based on nostalgia and featured no docs or cops.

• Robson Green turned in his usual charming little performance, with a tad of anger thrown in to show his character isn’t entirely made of marshmallow along with the odd bit of bonkers boffin. But if, like us, you’re not really a fan, it came as a disappointment that he wasn’t strapped to his bloody rocket and sent into the stratosphere

• Best character was George’s daughter Angela (despite her love of Joss Stone) who did a good range of “Oh dad, you fool” looks and had a well-observed love-hate relationship with her mischievous little brother Tom, a blatant BBC attempt to duplicate the success of Coronation Street’s Chesney. Angela was the only one sensible enough to ridicule the rocket madness of her father. “I never do anything but cook and clean for you just so you can build rockets,” she complained. “You love rockets more than you love me.”

• There was a reasonable dollop of feelgood factor as George set about sending his dead wife’s ashes into space. Also heartwaming was the offer by Tom’s special needs teacher to help George overcome his semi-illiteracy

What was bad about it?

• We didn’t like Barney the idiot pal (played by Charles Dale) and Alison Newman was wasted as factory supervisor Di, who got a tiny bit stroppy like her Footballers’ Wives character Hazel but has none of Hazel’s bitchiness

• The predictable failure of the rocket (it went down instead of up) and the inevitable mishap when the concerned teacher popped round and was nearly decapitated by a wayward prototype. How very Last Of The Summer Wine!

• The love interest plotline also had an inevitability about it

• The theme song. Can you guess what it was?

• Statements such as: “I love the moon, don’t you? It’s so mysterious.” and “I miss you so much, Beth. I miss you because you were my anchor. You kept hold of me while I chased down the clouds. And you believed in me and my crazy dreams.”

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