Russell Brand’s Got Issues, E4

by | Sep 12, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

Hated every minute of this Kilroyish chaos featuring the most overrated person in the world right now.

What was good about it?

• Errr, we’re struggling. Head being scratched. Brain being wracked. Ah, thought of something. It was nice to see Italian pop star hunk Lorenz (of Turn The Beat Around “fame”) in the audience.

What was bad about it?

• Russell Brand. We’re normally the first to embrace new comedy talent, but this berk leaves us so cold we’re jostling with the fish fingers for space on the top shelf of the freezer compartment. He’s creepy, unattractive, screamy, shouty, mockney, ridiculous and has never even made us smile, let alone laugh. Surely his success is a case of Emperor’s New Clothes? However hard we try, there’s nothing about him to like.

• The format. It’s like one of those old Kilroy shows where he races around and lots of people get to blurt out a sentence in a futile attempt to shed light on an issue. The topic Beauty Has Tyrannised Us was reduced to a succession of unfinished sentences.

• Brand’s claim that he was starting a revolution, based on inane platforms such as “The government bans hosepipes while paedophiles are allowed to roam the streets”.

• Brand’s invasion of people’s body space when he talks to them. We felt nauseous from the safety of our front room, so God knows how main guest Lily Allen felt with Brand’s wimpy body just millimetres away.

• The opening sketch in which a baby grandson dangles his breasts to get his grandfather to suck them was a horrible attempt at sick humour.

• Getting an audience member to fill out the Ledger Of Truth was a rip-off of the secretary in Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned.

• Lily Allen was fawned over unnecessarily; “the vainest man in Britain” looked like a Right Said Fred reject crossed with an off-duty drag star; and blind girl Keira left us wishing we were deaf with her stupid antics (“I’ve got Lily’s mobile song on my tune,” screamed the over-excited idiot)

• Brand showing off by playing footage of his naked protest at the 2002 May Day riots while making some self deprecatory remarks which we knew he didn’t mean because he is so in love with himself.

• The invasion of nudists to close the show (Did you see the thin bald bloke’s dick? Looked hard to us) was presumably to take our minds off the rubbish that had preceded their cavorting.

Luke Knowles

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