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by | Aug 22, 2004 | All, Reviews

• Borat helps Republican candidate James Broadwater gain election. Borat: “Women not equal to one man. In Kazakhstan we say God, Man, Horse, Dog, Woman, Rat.”


• Borat visits the Republican Party offices in Oklahoma where he makes a committee stand for 10 minutes in tribute on the anniversary of a bogus massacre in Kazakhstan, and later remarks: “I would like to do a romance inside of you; but only if she want to.” Funny.

• Bruno chats with Pastor Quinn: Gay Converter. Best Bruno quotes: “After I’ve converted, can I spend my life with a chick with a dick?”; “How many years have you been straight?” Funny.

• Borat drops in on American wine growers Norman Harris and Jack Taylor. The best bit was a Stan Laurelesque sequence where Borat couldn’t grasp how to drink from the wine glass. And later a drunk Borat laments that his mother never loved him: “Sometimes she say: ‘I wish I were raped by some other.’” Funny.

• Bruno gets macho students at the Spring Break Daytona Beach to flex their muscles before revealing he works for “Austria Gay TV”. Funny.

• Borat teaches Country & Western dancers a Kazakh dance that has the moves “beat the gypsy” and “walk like a homosexual”. Later he entertains a C&W club with his

song that contains the lines “In my country there is problem, and the problem is the Jew” and “Throw the Jew down the well, so my country can be free” by which

stage the audience are enthusiastically singing along. Funny.

Totals: Funny: Six, Not Funny: Zero

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