Saturday 21st-Friday 27th January 2023

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  • Happy Valley Sunday 22nd January BBC One
  • The Last of Us Monday 23rd January Sky Atlantic
  • Everyone Else Burns Monday 23rd January Channel 4
  • 24 Hours in A&E Tuesday 24th January Channel 4
  • Our Flag Means Death Wednesday 25th January BBC Two
  • Extraordinary Wednesday 25th January Disney+
  • Lockwood & Co Friday 27th January Netflix
  • Shrinking Friday 27th January Apple TV+


8.00pm Stock, Aitken and Waterman: Legends of Pop Channel Five – The first of a two part-documentary exploring the legendary hit factory production trio of Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman. This opener looks at the early days of their career and explores their initial chart success with acts such as Hazel Dean and drag star Divine.

9.00pm Fight the Power – How Hip Hop Changed the World BBC Two – New four-part series helmed by Public Enemy frontman Chuck D as he leads a cast of Hip Hop icons to tell the definitive story of how Hip Hop emerged from the ashes of the Bronx in the 1970s to become a global force for change. In the opening episode Chuck and a host of Hip Hop icons; including Melle Mel and Fat Joe, track the deep roots of the genre from the tumultuous 60s, the despoliation of 70s New York, the influence of DJ Kool Herc to the explosive rap hit, The Message. All  episodes of the series will be available on iPlayer following the transmission of episode one. 


9.00pm The Warship: Tour of Duty BBC Two – Documentary following the 2021 voyage of HMS Queen Elizabeth as it travels through the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, to the South China sea.  In this first episode the Queen Elizabeth is being shadowed by Russian spy ships in the Mediterranean, testing her weapons and preparing her crew for what lies ahead. Landing in Sicily for their first run ashore, most on-board get a chance to party. It is their last opportunity to relax before entering the eastern Mediterranean, Russia’s back yard.

9.00pm SWAT Sky Max  – The crime drama returns for a sixth season as the team take a trip to Bangkok to train alongside Thailand’s premiere S.W.A.T. team.

9.00pm The Hillside Strangler: Devil in Disguise Sky Crime – A new perspective on the notorious serial killers Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono;  who posed as off-duty police officers to lure victims and then dumped their bodies on the hillsides of East L.A. All episodes available on Now from the 22nd January

10.00pm NCIS: LA Sky Max – The crime drama’s fourteenth season begins with team investigating the bombing of a large military facility where combat drones are stored.


6.30pm Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes BBC Two – Over five nights, the actor embarks on a series of two-day getaways along the road less-travelled in his beloved North East alongside his friends, family and some familiar faces. In the opening episode, Robson is joined by footballing legend Les Ferdinand as they travel to a location that holds precious memories for the former; the Northumbrian coastline. Continues nightly.

9.00pm How the Holocaust Began BBC Two – Documentary fronted by James Bulgin, exploring the beginnings of the Holocaust in Hitler’s war on the Soviet Union and how, in the last thirty years, that the scale of crimes committed in the former Soviet states have started to emerge.  Bulgin also explores how new technology and long overlooked historic aerial photos have made it possible to find the traces of that story.

9.00pm SAS: Who Dares Wins  – Jungle Hell Channel 4  – In this new series, twenty recruits face the jungle phase of SAS selection which is used as the benchmark for special forces soldiers. The elite team this year is led by Billy Billingham; an expert in jungle warfare. whose military experience spans over sixteen years. Tonight the recruits are tasked with the challenge of traversing the ‘trainasium’, suspended a dizzying 50 feet above the ground. Recruits must take control of their fears to get across. Later, they face an early inspection to check they are following guidelines, when some are caught out for poor discipline, everyone is made to pay the price. Finally, the recruits are challenged to complete one of the most dangerous infiltration methods used by the SAS – a waterfall abseil that has a powerful 215-drop to navigate.

10.00pm Everyone Else Burns Channel 4 – Simon Bird fronts this new sitcom as David Lewis; the patriarch of a strictly religious family who believe the world will end within the next decade. David and wife Fiona have brought their children up with God at the forefront of their minds, regularly dragging their children out of bed at all hours of the morning for ‘apocalypse practice’ Whilst son Aaron is a model believer whose eagerly awaiting the rapture, the family’s seventeen-year-old daughter Rachel is less fond. With the apocalypse still not arriving, David focuses on getting a role as an elder in the church however soon finds himself competing with hip neighbour and fellow church-goer Andrew. Meanwhile, whilst preaching the word of God around Manchester, Rachel meets a handsome boy who may change her life or perhaps get her exiled from her family. Episode two continues directly after episode one has aired. 


8.00pm The Traitors US BBC Three – American version of the popular reality show in which Alun Cumming takes twenty strangers to the Scottish Highlands with the hope of winning a cash jackpot however, firstly, they must discover who the three traitors in their midst are who are training to steal the prize fund from the rest of ‘the faithful.’ Continues on Wednesday and Thursday; all episodes on BBC iPlayer now. 


Extraordinary Disney+ – New comedy starring Mairead Tyers as Jen; a painfully self-aware twenty-five-year-old living in a world where everyone over the age of eighteen has a superpower – except her. Adrift in a big, confusing world and armed with nothing but a bit of hope, a lot of desperation and her flatmates, Jen begins her journey to find her maybe-superpower.

8.00pm Phone Scams – Don’t Get Caught Out Channel Five – Alexis Conran fronts this consumer show, exposing scams from rogue shopping outlets to faux internet romances, sharing top tips to help viewers avoiding falling for the scammer’s lies.

8.00pm Emergency: First Time Medics W – The first of a ten-part series following twenty-six junior doctors as they begin working at the Emergency Department around the Royal Berkshire Hospital. In tonight’s episode; Hira loses a patient, Claire looks after a seriously ill man with a broken hip and Zak treats a woman who’s fallen off her horse.

9.00pm Sort Your Life Out BBC One – Stacey Solomon and her expert team return to challenge families to declutter and makeover their homes in just seven days. In this first episode, the team help the Harris-Hawley declutter their two-up-two-down rented council house just a week before their wedding.

9.00pm The Catch Channel Five – Drama based on TM Logan’s novel of the same name which stars Jason Watkins as Ed Coller; a local fisherman who finds his life spiralling out of control when a rich handsome man threatens to take away his daughter Abbie. Poppy Gilbert and Anuerin Barnard also star.

9.00pm Amanda Owen’s Farming Lives More4 – Britain’s most famous shepherdess and best-selling author, travels across the UK to discover other farmers’ inspirational and moving stories. In tonight’s episode, Amanda heads to Shetland to meet inspirational sisters Kirsty and Amy on their stunning coastal farm; which they took over following their father’s tragic death. As well as hearing their moving story, Amanda gets stuck into daily farming life, including helping the sisters move their cattle across the island, as she finds out how they manage to make a living in such an isolated setting. But it’s not all hard work down on the farm, as Amanda takes her place at the farmhouse table for a family dinner party, where she samples traditional Shetland fare, before joining Aimee and Kirsty for a magical horse ride across the sands.

10.00pm Guessable? Comedy Central – The start of the fourth series of the panel show fronted by Sara Pascoe.


Deep Fake: Neighbour Wars ITVX – Using the very latest in AI technology, this series turns the UK’s best new impressionists into the world’s most famous celebrities, who are portrayed throughout the series as ordinary people embroiled in petty silly neighbour disputes. Throughout the series we meet loved up Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland who are not happy with Mark Zuckerberg next door, dental hygienist Billie Eilish clashing with neighbour Beyonce when she starts working from home and Harry Kane’s annoyance when his perfect patio is damaged by upstairs neighbour Stormzy. All episodes available on ITVX from today. 

9.00pm Grayson Perry’s Full English Channel 4 -In this new series, the artist travels across England as he tries to uncover what Englishness means today and is transported across the country with white-van driver Kirk in order to collect items for an exhibition about Englishness. In Dover, Grayson meets Jeremy who patrols the English Channel on his boat looking for immigrants arriving from across the water. In the West Country, Grayson dresses as a deer to participate in a ritual with the British Druid Order.  Then he visits the country pile of musicians Pearl Lowe and Danny Goffey, where he encounters a nostalgia for the faded glamour of England’s past. Finally, he meets a group who want to reclaim a part of our common heritage as he witnesses their mass trespass across the country estate of Tory peer Lord Benyon.


Lockwood & Co Netflix – A supernatural action-adventure detective series, based on the best-selling novels by Jonathan Stroud. In London, where the most gifted teenage ghost-hunters venture nightly into perilous combat with deadly spirits, amidst the many corporate, adult-run agencies, one stands alone: independent of any commercial imperative or adult supervision – a tiny startup, run by two teenage boys and a newly arrived, supremely psychically gifted girl, a renegade trio destined to unravel a mystery that will change the course of history: Lockwood & Co. Luke Treadaway, Morven Christie, Ben Crompton, Hayley Konadu, Rhianna Dorris, Paddy Holland star.

Shrinking Apple TV+ – Comedy from star Jason Segal and Ted Lasso Creator Bill Lawrence. Segal will star as Jimmy, a grieving therapist who starts to break the rules and tell his clients exactly what he thinks. Ignoring his training and ethics, he finds himself making huge, tumultuous changes to people’s lives — including his own. Christa Miller will play his next-door neighbour who has become a mother figure to his daughter. A recent empty-nester, she is always there for Jimmy’s family even as she embarks on a journey to figure out the next chapter of her own life.

Wolf Pack Paramount+ – Supernatural teen drama based on the book by Edo Van Belkom which focuses on the aftermath of a Californian wildfire that awakens a terrifying supernatural creature. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Rodrigo Santoro lead the cast.

The Defence All4 – More alcohol-fuelled lawyering is on in the third series of the Polish crime drama. All episodes available on All4 from today 

9.00pm Secrets of the World’s Most Expensive Cruise Ships Channel Five – Cameras return to The Splendor cruise ship for this second series. In this first episode, the ship faces stormy weather as its leaves Iceland which results in an unexpected day at sea after tis scuppers the planned docking in Heimaeay.

9.00pm Getting Away with Murders More4 – The first of two films exploring why 99% responsible for war crimes during World War II were never prosecute. This film explores the notorious death camp at Auschwitz, the Nazi planning and imlemenation process and the post-war trials for the its war crimes, including an interview with the last living prosecutor from the Nuermberg trials. It also reveals some of the hiding-in-plain-sight locations of the estimated 400 Nazi war criminals allowed to settle in Britain after the war – among them the former home of the only Nazi in the UK ever successfully brought to justice for his crimes – and examines why more prosecutions didn’t follow. The concluding part of the documentary will be available on All4 after the transmission of this episode. 

10.00pm The Last Leg Channel 4  – Adam, Alex and Josh return for another series of the satirical show and are tonight joined by comedian Lucy Beaumont.

10.00pm Fantasy Football League Sky Max – Matt Lucas, Ellis James and resident statistician Andrew Mensah return to the sofa to analyse the second half of the football season.

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