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So unless you’ve been living in a cave or perhaps a remote part of the Sudan you’ll be aware that Channel 4’s flagship reality series Big Brother bowed out (rather pathetically if I’m honest) after eleven years a few weeks ago. The decision to axe one of their biggest series was done to free up more time in the broadcasters schedule for more brand new innovative programming. As a huge TV fan I was slightly sad to see Big Brother leave our screens. Just think of all those dairy room chairs languishing in a skip behind Elstree Studios but on the other side of the coin as a devoted TV viewer I’m always intrigued to see what the next big innovate, engrossing piece of television might be.

With Big Brother’s corpse still lukewarm with only a few hundred flies nibbling on it Channel 4 launched a brand new series this week. Now with their biggest reality series dead and with more time to fill than ever before what genre did the channel decide fill their hole with? Well another reality series of course!

I’ll try and leave the sarcasm there as despite all my smart Alec comments I found myself thoroughly engrossed in their new series Seven Days. The concept is actually quite innovative and interesting. For those who are reading this without having any idea what I’m jabbering on about it’s more a docusoap than a reality series really. Its just reality series is the word we’ve become so familiar with. It documents the lives of ordinary people living in and around London’s Notting Hill but the clever bit its all shot in real time and what we see on a Wednesday was shot all that week and we see the edited highlights which makes it nearly the most current TV series ever outside of the nightly news bulletins of course. There’s also an option to interact with the participants online to have some influence on their actions the following week. This isn’t just another shoddily produced reality series full of fame hungry wannabes who are continually aware of the presence of a camera these are actually real people going about their lives and having real conversations. Now when I say real conversations I do mean the daft conversations we all seem to have like what’s the point of me going to University if I can’t job after it and why can’t Women throw a dart (that one has never popped up for me though to be honest).

Unlike Big Brother it did seem full of likeable enough people who can see myself enjoying over the course of its nine week run. Overnight ratings figures released today say it got off to rather a dismal start in the ratings attracting only 1million but I would hope that after word of mouth has spread the series will find its audience but its worth a watch. I can understand why millions decided not to tune in just reading the write up in the TV times but its something I think most people could sit, not be offended by, laugh at and enjoy for an hour and that’s all we really want from our TV sometimes isn’t it?

Luke Knowles

Luke Knowles


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