Sherlock Episode 2: The Sign of Three divided fans!

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Dear me, I seem to have spent a lot of that episode with something in my eye…It’s fair to say that after last week’s hit and miss opener, ‘The Sign of Three’ was a vast improvement.

Aside from the end of Sherlock’s masterful best man speech, where he frantically improvised in the manner of Matt Smith, I didn’t feel I was watching another show. And this time the fans were pandered to, but only by the inclusion of certain catchphrases and glimpses of beloved characters, why hello there, Irene Adler!

It was nice to see Sherlock being a bit cruel and introverted again, the last scene where he stood alone on a full dancefloor was quite beautiful. And not just because it focussed on the terribly photogenic Benedict Cumberbatch. Apologies if you all heard my ovaries squealing when he bonded with young Archie (or was it Alfie, I seem to have developed Sherlock’s talent for misremembering names!)

Aside from never being short of a date, young Master Cumberbatch shall also presumably never have to buy a pint again, after that fantastic stag do. Imagine the money you could make if that drunkeness calculator app was real? If anyone fancies making it, I’ve about 50p in my purse I’d be happy to invest…

The second best thing about this episode was all the crime solving. I guessed the Mayfly Man and the Bloody Guardsman would link together, along with the Major, but I had a terrible (and thankfully incorrect) hunch that Sherlock was the intended victim. So well done Mssrs Gattiss, Thompson and Moffit for leading me well and truly up the garden path.

Oh, all the crime fighting was glorious to watch, and a great reminder of the heyday of the programme for those who, like me, had forgotten last week that we weren’t watching a farce. However, that wasn’t the best thing about ‘The Sign of Three’. No, that accolade is handed resolutely to Mary, Watson’s bride.

Many an interview has been given by the show’s creators and stars to assure us viewers that Mary would not come between our favourite duo. But I didn’t expect her to actually enhance the pairing. I honestly think the scenes were the three of them are in action are better than ones with just Holmes and Watson. Though for this episode only by a fraction, as the duo’s scenes were so good. It’s fair to say the episode divided fans on twitter as they looked at their clocks wondering when the traditional crime element would kick in. The flashing back and forth did perhaps get a bit draining but our faithful duo kept it a very watchable episode.

I am very excited to watch next week. Hopefully Molly’s boring identikit boyfriend is the intended victim, because I’ve started to wish for a happy ending for Sherlock. Especially now there’s a mini-John on the way. That scene was beautifully handled, and showcased a talent I’d pinpointed earlier…Sherlock explained how he had felt when John asked him to be best man, later realising that he hadn’t said any of those things out loud, instead giving John a blank stare. I thought how Cumberbatch is more than capable of expressing all those feelings with just a twitch of his face, and this was proven in the scene where he revealed the pregnancy.

Then we ended with an immaculate swish of the coat and the horrifying realisation that next week is the last episode of the series. The. Last. Episode. I think I’ve got something in my eye again…

Contributed by Victoria Prior

Sherlock Continues Sunday at 8.30pm on BBC ONE.

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