The Shield, Five

by | Sep 7, 2005 | All, Reviews

What to say if you like it

The world’s best cop show just got better

What to say if you dislike it

The world’s best cop show just got a whole load more conventional

What’s good about it?

• Glenn Close as Captain Monica Rawling who has added a whole new dimension to the programme, abandoning previous Captain David Aceveda’s PR-motivated policing and getting tough with the Farmington wrong ‘uns, even if that means throwing a woman and her kids out their house because it was bought with drugs money.

• Detective Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) who is no longer Mr Murky after two seasons of self-serving work on the streets. We loved him even when he was a bit of a wrong ‘un but he still gets our respect now he’s concentrating on doing good

• The mean looks from Detective Claudette Wyms, who upset her bosses when lots of criminals walked free as a result of her refusal to turn a blind eye to corruption. She is now persona non grata but refuses to back down.

• Detective Dutch Wagenbach emerging as a stronger character

• Detective Shane Vendrell getting all cocky now he’s in the vice squad. Now Vic has cleaned up his act, Shane’s the guy we’ve got to love to hate to love to hate etc

• Officer Danny Sofer getting the respect she deserves

• The on-going sub-plot in which Vic and his wife are determined to discover whether their son’s autism is the result of the vaccines he received as a baby

What’s bad about it?

• The loss of the intriguing moral dilemma involving Vic Mackey. In previous series, we were always made to be torn between his effectiveness in fighting crime and his dubious tactics. Now he’s a lot straighter, that element of the show has gone.

• The ongoing gang feuds get a bit complicated and the crackdown only ever results in two steps forward/one step back progress which could get a little frustrating and repetitive

• The storyline in which black Christian Officer Julien Lowe is tormented by his homosexuality seems to have been abandoned, which is a pity because it was handled so well (unlike Footballers’ Wives which lacked subtelty in its treatment of gay footballer Noah)

• Aceveda’s so-up-herself assistant Wanda Higoshi has left the station. We miss her silly hair and bossy manner.

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