Shipwrecked: Battle Of The Islands, Channel 4

by | Jan 21, 2007 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

Must every Channel 4 programme now feature a racist woman? Hot on the heels of Jade, Jo and Danielle comes Loathsome Lucy to tarnish what is normally a bright, fun reality show.

What was good about it?

• Loathsome Lucy did at least face some challenges to her views. She’s pro-slavery but against black people, obese people (“All fat people are disgusting”), gay people, foreigners (“My mind is open to different cultures – as long as they don’t bring them to Britain.”), northern accents and probably a whole lot more. She was only subjected to mild rebukes, mind, but at least there wasn’t the total cowardice displayed by H and Cleo in the Big Brother house.

• All the girls look good so you can watch them with the sound muted. It’s only painful when they speak and reveal how shallow and vain they are. (There’s one exception – lesbian plumber Terri Jones from Peckham. We like her)

• Stuart Mann is simply gorgeous. It’s worth watching the programme just to drool over him.

What was bad about it?

• Lucy didn’t drown/get eaten by a wild animal/get stoned to death by her fellow islandmates.

• It was no surprise that Lucy was drawn to another over-privileged horror, Stevie the upper-class twit, although we suspect she thought his skin colour was a tan rather than the product of his genetic background. “Oooh, she’s getting on with someone who isn’t exactly white,” laughed one of the other girls as the pompous pair flirted.

• Obligatory gay guy Joe was a bit too lazy. We were on his side, despite his obsession with the Spice Girls, until he flounced off to swim rather than show the straight lads that gay guys can knock up a shack, too.

• Lorenzo the lad is such a media whore; he was on Coach Trip last year and you can expect to see him on Big Brother before long. Or Trisha. Or waving behind a news reporter doing a live link.

• Lorenzo’s sexist attitude. He was delighted when two of the girls swam to the boys’ island and left behind their underwear. “The kind of woman they would be by sending their knickers over would be my kind of woman – easy,” he said.

• Lorenzo’s homophobic attitude. “We’ve got a bloke who’s like a bird.” he said of Joe.

• The separation of the contestants into boys versus girls. Does Channel 4 really need to stir up a battle of the sexes so soon after stirring up a battle of the races?

Luke Knowles

Luke Knowles


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