The Shot That Shook The World, ITV1

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• The whole concept – making entertainment out of suffering and horror – and getting viewers to vote for memorable news footage. How can sporting events be said to have “shook the world” – Liverpool’s Champions League victory even made the Top 10? How can you differentiate between millions dying of starvation in Ethiopian famine and Foinavon winning the 1967 Grand National? Where were all the profits from the calls and texts going? Can you really call a film package a “shot” – surely that’s just one still image?

• Trevor McDonald, the News Robot, shrieking away but looking ultra solemn and old fashioned. We think Chris Morris should have been hired as host instead.

• The “shot” voted number one, top of the pops, was 9/11 which still retains the power to shock. Well done, New York – you won an ITV poll. You must be so proud that you did not suffer in vain. Bad luck to you brave Chinese and dying Ethiopians.

• Seeing some images which haunted us then and still haunt us today. The feeling of hopelessness when you see images of Belsan, Aberfan and Mozambique remains. Knowing that most of the featured disasters were down to man and not nature added to the despair.

• Maradona cheating England out of the 1986 World Cup.

• The intrusion into the privacy of the families of the astronauts who died instantly when the Space Shuttle exploded.

• How the hell did Torvill and Dean twatting about on the ice define history? The fact it was in Sarajevo and that country was on the verge of civil war defines history. Not some sliding around by Nottingham’s most famous “non” couple.

• The site of people leaping to their deaths from the World Trade Centre while a caption calling for votes revolves away in the corner.

• Princess Diana’s Death shouldn’t have qualified as it wasn’t actually filmed.

• The failure to include Tragedy by Steps on the soundtrack.


• Although they should have featured in a separate programme, we did enjoy the great sporting clips especially Carlos Alberto’s amazing strike for Brazil in the 1970 World Cup final and the Rumble In The Jungle featuring two boxers at the very zenith of their profession.

• Seeing ITV’s version of events in the 1966 World Cup after being fed the BBC’s Kenneth Wolstenholme for all these years.

• Seeing how one brave Chinese man helped shape history by standing up to the powers that be in Tiananmen Square.

• Tony Benn’s rather touching tribute to Winston Churchill’s funeral.

• Tony Benn’s not so touching tribute to Margaret Thatcher resigning.

• The amazing footage of Yuri Gagarin in space in 1961.

• Seeing how man can overcome adversity and show such resilience.

• The tales of survival and rescue and sheer determination.

• Walter Cronkite, the man who broke the news of Kennedy’s assassination on CBS news in 1963, talking about that day and his emotions.

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