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What’s been good?

• Adam’s continuing storyline about his post traumatic stress. His wife’s death could have been easily forgotten. So it was fitting that the writers took the wise decision in showing his mind in meltdown.

• The departure of Ruth. She’s been in the programme since series two and her geeky and nervous performance has been cringeworthy, so we’re glad to see the back of her. So Harry, don’t feel too bad. You can do such much better and dating a colleague doesn’t tend to work out anyway.

• Episode four was the best. The UK government was hosting the World Trade Organisation conference which could signal a breakthrough for poverty in Africa (and Bob Geldof wasn’t anywhere in sight!) When news of an assassination attempt on an African leader at the conference was discovered, the team sprung into action. Then it transpired that the leader was about to commit mass genocide and the whole story was turned on its head. It was a refreshing change to see the team dealing with other matters besides terrorist groups for once and it had a fantastic twist.

• Yet another stunning performance from Peter Firth as MI5 boss Harry Pearce. Harry is the only man who dare stand up for what he believes in the corrupt world of politics and espionage. He should have kept his urges for Ruth quiet though…

What’s been bad?

• Although we did enjoy Adam’s storyline about his grief, it has unfortunately meant that other supposed main characters such as Zaf and Jo have received less screen time.

• What has happened to Juliet? Since she lost the use of her legs and ended up in a wheelchair in episode two, we have only seen her once in a 10-part series. Maybe she hasn’t appeared on the grid because it would have been hell getting past Thames House’s metal detectors in a wheelchair.

• Sadly, it seems that the writers have run out of storylines. Episodes in this series seemed to reflect events that have taken place in previous series. For example, episode six – Ros trapped in an embassy siege – was very similar to an episode in series one when Zoë was in an almost identical situation.

• Episode one never really concluded the series four cliffhanger. The writers just decided to chuck ex-MI5 officer and complete nutter Angela off a building screaming ‘Jakarta is coming!’ This wouldn’t have been such a problem if it had been explained but not one of the characters made any reference to it whatsoever.

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