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by | Nov 13, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

Series five of the slick spy drama went out with a bang as an environmental terrorist group stormed the Thames Barrier and threatened to flood London unless the government published a document called Aftermath. This proposed abandoning any attempts to fight global warming so Britain and America could use the effects to their advantage.

What was good about it?

• Jo getting a bit more screen time than usual. Since Ros has came on the scene, she has been forced into doing menial tasks, such as answering the phone, looking at computer screens with a worried expression etc

• Adam’s continuing storyline about his post traumatic stress or ‘burnout’. After series four, we were concerned that the writers would just conveniently forget about Fiona’s death and Adam’s little shot in the chest far too quickly. So we are glad to see that we got to witness the full affects of his loss and his failure to grieve properly. He has became a flawed hero, meaning that the outcome of his missions could go either way.

• An innovative and original storyline that included a various number of twists and a threat that was on the scale of a Bond movie. Perfect for the series finale.

• Following on from Adam’s condition, we enjoyed seeing him as man who has no limits. His unprofessional and irrational techniques left us wondering if the terrorist really would shoot him and it would be the end of our hero/MI5’s top agent.

What was bad about it?

• The actress playing the stubborn and treacherous deputy Prime Minster looked a hell of a lot like gadget guy Malcolm. Separated at birth? Or just Malcolm in a wig?

• It’s now episode 10 and Adam’s colleagues have only just discovered about his post traumatic stress! How did they not realise? It’s obvious that he’s been acting suspicious since…well since the end of series four really. So surely someone should have sussed it out by now? Adam snapping at poor Malcolm after his ‘aftermath’ gag was hardly due to PMT, was it?

• We were expecting a proper cliffhanger rather than Adam and Ros bobbing around in the Thames.

• Was it luck or pure coincidence that Adam happened to have the picture hook off Wes’s homework in his pocket and he could use it to escape from the flooding barrier? Anyway, what did poor Wes do without it? His presentation – dry pasta, PVA glue and cardboard – wouldn’t have stuck to the wall by itself.

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