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by | Apr 8, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

We preferred Stars In Their Eyes when it featured ordinary people rather than D-list celebrities.

What was good about it?

• Stefan Booth (Jamie Nash in Hollyoaks and Sgt Mark Rollins in The Bill) looked gorgeous! He also talked about some of the ‘special skills’ he has on his CV, such as fire eating, and, reluctantly, demonstrated his skills on a unicycle. His performance as Elvis singing Blue Suede Shoes was the best of the night.

• Antonia Okonma’s very posh speaking voice, an amazing contrast to the strange pseudo-Jamaican accent she uses when she plays Darlene Cake in Bad Girls.

• Julia Mallam (Dawn Woods in Emmerdale) as Norah Jones singing Don’t Know Why. She sang it beautifully. She sounded nothing like who she was supposed to be, but not sounding like Borer Jones is a good thing in our book.

• Cat Deeley is still looking pretty, and her presenting has improved.

• Helen Latham (Lucy Milligan in Footballers’ Wives) talking to Cat about how they have a sort of ‘personal shopper’ on the soccer drama and, after the programme, they get to buy outfits they fancy for half price. “So when you go shopping you say ‘I’m sure my character would wear that!’”.

• Helen Latham’s red and gold glitter costume for Dolly Parton wouldn’t be out of place in Footballers’ Wives.

• The fact that Bruce Byron (DC Terry Perkins in The Bill) looked more like Phil Collins before he went through the ‘Star Door’ than when he came out. Luckily he didn’t sound like Phil Collins either.

• All the contestants came across as very sweet and pleasant, especially Bruce Byron.

• The use of Ash’s fantastic track Orpheus to soundtrack Stefan Booth’s motorcycle racing film.

What was bad about it?

• It was called a ‘Celebrity Special’, but it’s hardly a novelty any more because all the non-kids Stars In Their Eyes shows over the past year have involved ‘celebrities’.

• It showed just what is wrong with ITV at the moment – they don’t broadcast any entertainment programme unless it’s a soap or has the word ‘celebrity’ in the title.

• Helen Latham winning with her awful rendition of 9 To 5. She sounded more like Cilla Black than Dolly Parton.

• Antonia Okonma’s performance as Tina Turner was dreadful. We cringed while she screeched and squeaked through Nutbush City Limits.

• They pointed out that they’d had lots of people from The Bill and Emmerdale on this show. That’s an understatement, they must have gone through the whole cast of each twice by now.

• Cat Deeley’s chavvy jewellery.

• The feeling that instead of staying in and watching this on a Saturday night you could have gone out and seen the same quality of singing at a karaoke night, but at least you’d have got drunk.

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