Sugar Rush Series 2, Channel 4

by | Aug 10, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

This second series has been a lot duller than the first.

What was good about it?

• Sugar’s cutting comments. When a joyful Kim came to visit her in jail, full of cheesy morale boosters, she knew exactly why Kim was so happy. “You’ve had a shag haven’t you? Where else did all this philosophical self-help bullshit come from? A big fat orgasm, that’s where!”

And when Kim worried about new girlfriend Saint’s apparent bisexuality, Sugar didn’t pull punches: “Even cavemen know if you want to get a fire going you need a stick and a hole. It’s alright to experiment but you can’t swing both ways forever, you’ve got to land somewhere, and trust me once you’ve had a nice hard cock there’s no way you want to stick your lips around a load of fish. Fish with toilet paper stuck to it. Eurrgh.”

• Kim being jealous of Saint’s man Mark. “He was a proper adult with a proper job and a proper penis. Let’s face it I couldn’t compete”.

• Nathan on relationships: “There’ll always be something you have to compromise on, Kim. In the end love is about sticking your neck on the line knowing it’s probably going to get chopped off”.

• Saint’s terrifying vibrating black leather dildo and the large sticky one Kim accidentally left with from the sex shop.

• Kim stating sadly “Sometimes life seeks to give you everything just so it can take it away again”.

• Some excellent stripped down female-vocalled cover versions of The Buzzcocks’ Ever Fallen In Love and The Wake’s O Pamela, especially the latter which was used to soundtrack a tender moment between Kim and new girlfriend Saint.

• The revelation that Saint’s real name is Sarah.

• Sugar looking forward to staying out all night and staying in bed all day after being released from prison. We’re glad she’s out as well. The series will be get a lot more interesting now she’s free to have more influence on Kim’s life.

What was bad about it?

• Saint is a pleasant, but rather uninspiring character. She gives very little away and as nice as she is, for someone who works in a sex shop, she is pretty boring.

• Kim saying “Love made the world feel so good. I’d found the perfect girlfriend” followed predictably by her finding her girlfriend dripping wet and giggling with another man. It was also fairly predictable that this turned out to be a misunderstanding and she wasn’t cheating.

• The whole business between Saint and Mark was never fully explained.

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