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Did we like it?

With a TV schedule void of the late great Buffy, it’s about time we had another hit American show filled with spooky goings-on and lashings of teen angst. While this certainly wasn’t a disaster, any fright fans watching however would have felt seriously underwhelmed.

What was good about it??

• The admittedly suspenseful and creepy opening sequence which explained why our two sibling heroes Sam and Dean have an necessary interest in the supernatural: we saw how their mother met a grisly death at the hands of an unidentified shadowy figure.

The programme certainly didn’t skimp on the production values. From burning corpses stuck on ceilings to ethereal women morphing into the undead, the big-budget effects were impressive and were used frequently.

• Most of the characters have the potential to be interesting enough to last a full series. We preferred the younger brother (the brains rather than brawn) and the elusive ghost-hunting father could be an intriguing addition to the cast.

What was bad about it?

• ITV2’s marketing of this show positions it as being ‘scary but sexy’ yet unfortunately the latter pervaded the episode so much that it diluted any real chills. Not one person looked like they hadn’t spent two hours in make-up before shooting and even the villain (a ghost of a suicidal and child-murdering mother) looked like she had just come off the set of a Loreal advert. As everyone knows by now, if you want to make something scary you place it in realism.

• The format was straight from a bog-standard teen slasher flick: cue obligatory rock soundtrack, scenes set at college and a worthless blonde bimbo girlfriend character who spent her scenes wearing knickers and a T-Shirt. Luckily for us she copped it before the end credits.

• Some of the dialogue and settings were explicitly awful. A victim of the homicidal mother responded to her cry of “Take me home!” with a snappy “Sure, get in the car” despite the fact that she was obviously unstable, wearing a torn nightdress outside in the middle of winter and able to appear from nowhere.

• Overall, while the programme certainly would fill an hour of an otherwise boring day, we’re not convinced that an entire series will be a must-see. To be so, it needs to include more grit, less glitz and a supernatural villain most male viewers would rather run from than try to get into bed.

Luke Knowles

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