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Not to state the obvious but Survivors is completely bonkers. Its one of those rare things though that manages to be bonkers and yet utterly enjoyable and loveable. Like an eccentric Uncle who you love even though you wouldn’t necessarily want to see him all the time.

The first series was one of my guilty pleasures of 2008 and so I eagerly awaited the second series. However two episodes in I must confess I’m finding the series less enjoyable. The first series was full of action and intrigue following the survivors as they tried to rebuilt their lives together whilst fending off feral groups of other folk who didn’t get so much as a soar throat when “the virus” wiped out the world’s population. Though this series does feature the same struggles its gone a bit daft. The dialogue seems pulled from a corny disaster flick and the characters in the mysterious lab take on the persona of an overacting Bond villain. By its very nature this is a escapist television but perhaps the more the series develops the harder the stories become to swallow.

It’s a real shame that something that started with such a bang and excitement appears to be losing its steam so early into its second run. I‘ve a horrible feeling that the rest of the series will focus on the lab fetching Abby back to conduct more bizarre tests but that story fell so flat I‘m hoping not. . There are some good points about the series such as Max Beesley as gun toting mystery man Tom and Anya the Doctor who miraculously performed surgery to remove a bullet which was such a success that her patient is up and about sporting a fetching blue sling.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve not lost my affection for the series, even if I do have to close the curtains in worry that someone might catch me watching it huddled under my blanket with a biscuit but I do wish it lose the sillyness that has ruined the first two episodes and return to the action packed episodes that made me such a fan in the first place.

Survivors conitunes Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC1

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