Jericho, Hallmark

Did we like it? Engaging disaster drama in which the residents of a small town in Kansas become isolated after nuclear explosions devastate a number of cities. But after the first episode, it’s not the impending peril of radiation sickness that the inhabitants should...

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House MD, Hallmark

What to say if you liked it An intelligent, understated medical drama which has sent Hugh Laurie soaring high in a new direction, far removed from his trademark nitwittery, while his erstwhile partner Stephen Fry is stuck in his curmudgeonly posho rut. What to say if...

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American Dreams, Hallmark

What to say if you liked it An enjoyable US drama that provides a slice of frothy, nostalgic entertainment to watch at 6.00pm so you can avoid your lousy local news programme What to say if you disliked it A lot of silliness you should switch off so you can see your...

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