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by | Sep 14, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

Comedy sketch shows always have a hit-miss ratio. David and Robert’s transferred-from-Radio 4 show managed eight good sketches and four bad ones – which made it a winner, but only just.

What was good about it?

• The SS soldiers worrying about the skull insignias on their caps (“Hans, are we the baddies?”).

• Crimebusting superheroes Angel Summoner and the upstaged BMX Bandit (“I could just summon a horde of angels. They’d just take care of it”).

• The spoof of a June Whitfield-fronted life insurance commercial, offering to replace a dead wife “with someone sexier and kinder” (ie an Albanian teenager).

• The drunken snooker commentators (catchphrase: “Ooh that’s a bad miss.”)

• The snooty waiter who sneers as a couple eat – one has crab, one has a consommé. “My, my, it’s like watching The Generation Game.”

• Big Talk, the late-night discussion fronted by Raymond Terrific and described as “a weekly gallop through the massively important with the biggest bunch of eggheads and brainiacs that taxis could be sent to fetch.”

• John and Andy’s poorly-researched drama Emergency Medical Treatment. “I’ve never seen anyone looking so peaky. Get me the medicine now!”

• Robert Webb’s banana dance

What was bad about it?

• The adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar and Ginger, two ghastly tramps involved in Dick Barton-like larks.

• How Not What To Look Like

• The couple planning a party but not wanting to invite James Bond because he demands Martini and paralyses other guests

• Nonsensical game show Numberwang

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