That’s So Last Week, Five

by | Jan 24, 2005 | All, Reviews

What to say if you liked it

A useful whizz through all the celeb stories we missed because we were so busy watching celebrities sleeping, eating, being subjected to Davina’s useless interviewing etc

What to say if you disliked it

About 97 comedians were assembled to say funny things about the week’s news – yet only one made us laugh (the guy in the glasses – there were no captions so we can’t identify him. Henceforth, we’ll refer to him as TGITG)

What was on it?

• Lots of presenter Dougie Anderson’s squeaky, urgent delivery

• A boring bit about Madonna on Blue Peter

• The comics screwing up their faces as they talked about the grim Den/Zoe shag in EastEnders

• Bitchy comments about the bitchy judge on America’s Next Top Model who claimed she was the first ever supermodel. “Of what? Penny Farthings?” said TGITG.

• Nasty comments about Caprice’s ineptness on Three Celebrities And A Baby. “It looked like a cumshot,” was the description give when the animatronic baby vomited on Caprice’s neck

• The UK v US music debate, featuring selective evidence and no decent jokes

• Derision for Sharon Osbourne being signed up to front Asda ads. “She’s been chosen because she’s a role model for mums. Just the two kids in rehab, is it?” said TGITG.

• A round-up of things we’re so over: overexposed Jude Law (“He’ll be on Family Affairs soon.”), chavs and autobiographies by young celebs (” I someone gave me one of these books,” said TGITG. “I’d burn it in front of them and shove the ashes in their eyesockets.”)

• A round-up of fashion disasters: Missy Elliott (excessive gold lamé), Jackie Stallone (“she looks good compared to Yoda”) and Whitney Houston (“I thought it as Keith Richards)

Luke Knowles

Luke Knowles


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