The Apprentice 2015: Ranking the Candidates After Task Six

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Well that made my job a lot easier. After tolling away ranking lists of fourteen or fifteen candidates Lord Sugar has saved me the agony of deciding who to put in twelfth place by removing three prospective business partners. This is only the second time that we’ve had a triple firing and the trio who went were all candidates who were bound to go eventually. However there were plenty of other highlights in a handyman task which proved most of the candidates don’t known their nails from their screws.

1. (1) Joseph 

Joseph has consistently been in the top three throughout this process and he stays at number one this week. I think he proved just how invaluable he is and basically led the task on the second day making sure that the theatre job was done on time and properly. Although he was on the losing team he was given the distinction of being the first person ever to be given immunity by Lord Sugar. I just have a feeling that Joseph is heading for a fall but I hope that doesn’t happen in the near future.

2. (12) Brett 

Brett is one of those people who is great when everything is going his way but suddenly turns when he finds himself in danger. After being thoroughly dastardly to poor Natalie last week, Brett turned it around by being the first Project Manager to lead Conexus to victory. I feel he perfectly pitched for both contracts and his love of specifications finally came in handy. Although his team failed to get their football pitch job done in time he still proved to me that he can step up when there’s a task that suits his skill set.

3. (3) Richard 

I do think that Richard has been wrongly vilified throughout the course of the series as even though he can be occasionally sly he always gets his hands dirty. This week he put his pitching skills to good use to win the theatre contract before getting his hands dirty on that job too. Despite experiencing his first loss this week, Richard is still an impressive candidate and its just a shame that the edit is making him out to be this year’s villain.

4. (6) Vana 

Stepping back to Connexus this week, I felt Vana may be in trouble once again however she was able to experience the team’s first win. After several weeks of hiding in the background I did like the way that Vana managed the customers’ expectations regarding the gardening job. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next time she’s Project Manager but I feel she’s easily the most promising female candidate left in the process.

5. (2) David 

I did feel a bit sorry for David when he was landed in the final three mainly based on the evaluation that Joseph gave to him. I sympathised for David as I would be as useless as him in that situation and the measurement mishap could’ve happened to anyone. However I think being in the final three is a vital part of the process and if you can dodge the firing finger then it becomes a worthwhile experience.

6. (7) Scott 

While I continue to admire Scott’s enthusiasm and team spirit I think this week it went a little too far in terms of hooking up the gardening job. If it wasn’t for Vana’s intervention I feel that Scott could’ve been there all night and he needs to learn to harness his energy if he wants to go further on The Apprentice.

7. (13) Selina 

Selina really didn’t do anything to wind me up this week and she simply stuck to the side of Project Manager Brett and kept silent. She wins bonus points for getting her hands dirty and scraping up all the chewing gum off the seats of the football stadium.

8. (9) Sam 

I don’t really think this task really suited Sam and I do believe he was just lucky to be on the winning team this week. His problems with the numbers also didn’t endear him to Project Manager Brett even if the builder’s jargon went over the head of the personal tutor.

9. (11) Gary 

In the past six weeks the only memorable thing Gary has done is buy a toy boat and even that decision was mired in controversy. I do have a feeling that the Brummie businessman will be forced into the role of Project Manager next week and it’ll be interesting to see how he fares when he steps up to the plate.

10. (5) Charlene

In my opinion Charlene just got lucky that Mergim had a soft sport for her as she contributed very little to the task. Although as we know there’s a big scrap between her and Selina in the upcoming weeks so I knew that neither would go before that fight occurred.

Fired: Elle 

In the words of Elle herself, Lord Sugar would’ve be stupid not to fire her especially since she didn’t win one of the six tasks she was a part of. It’s fair to say I haven’t been a fan of Elle although I thought she came across very well on You’re Fired.

Fired: Mergim 

After dismissing him in the first week, Mergim really grew on me and his boyish charm helped him significantly in the children’s book task. However he did very little right tonight from trying to screw a nail into a wall to mucking up on the painting. Unfortunately not even hearing his incredible back story could save Mergim from being fired but it was clear that Lord Sugar saw a lot in him and the fact that he told him to keep in touch speaks volumes.

Fired: April 

I’ve not been impressed with April’s performances on the tasks since she decided to hide in the background after being the losing Project Manager in week one. It seems that Lord Sugar finally picked up on that tactic and took his chance to fire her. In my opinion that’s no big loss as April didn’t demonstrate any aptitude during the six weeks she appeared on the show.

Random Observations

Lord Sugar’s attempts to justify the reasons for the task were flimsy at best, I don’t know why he didn’t just tell them that he wanted them to do odd jobs as it would make good TV.

Karren Brady was on fire this week and she also diversified her wardrobe as I felt she rocked the smart casual look.

Finally a decent treat as the winning team were pampered at a spa that makes a change by running around a sports field or being treated to a rubbish magic show.

I wonder if the team’s high vis jackets were supplied by the same guy who made the smaller ones for chickens?

Next Time: the teams open up bargain shops but who’ll be cut above the rest and who’ll be heading for the bargain basement? Find out as I rank the candidates in the next instalment of my Apprentice chart.

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