The Apprentice 2015: Ranking the Candidates After Task Three

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This week The Apprentice combined two of my favourite tasks which involved the teams both going abroad and at the same time trying to haggle for certain items. Lord Sugar, who appeared via a video screen at the beginning of the episode, only had enough cash to send eight of the sixteen candidates to Calais which meant bitter resentment amongst the rest of the teams.

But whose skills impressed me and who should have been fired? Well there’s only one way to find out by looking at my weekly list.

1. (1) Joseph 

I did have a good feeling about Joseph and he proved me right this week by being the winning project manager. The boys also did well only missing of one of the nine items on Lord Sugar’s list and I do feel this is partly down to Joseph’s leadership. Although he did have problems dealing with the troublesome Richard, on the whole Joseph did well did lead a team of big egos and once again vanquish the girls’ team.

2. (9) Brett 

After a disastrous first week, Brett has slowly crept up the list and this week impressed me as a confident sub-team leader. His military-like precision proved to be asset for the team that stayed in England and his leadership him saw his team of four collect all the items that were initially assigned to them.

3. (11) Gary 

Gary stayed in the background for the first two tasks and I felt for the majority of the task that this might be a third week in which he stayed solidly in the mid-table. However, his work in securing the inflatable dinghy at a toy shop showed real ingenuity and his ability to get the price down also made me think that I’ve misjudged the Brummie businessman.

4. (3) Richard 

There’s no denying that Richard has displayed a good amount of skill in all three tasks however his arrogance isn’t winning him any points in this list. The fact that he was the only one to badmouth project manager Joseph means that he’s tumbled down a place this week. That being said I can see Richard being kept in for the majority of the series as he’s the most entertaining candidate by a mile.

5. (5) Sam 

This week once again proved that Sam is a reliable team player as his A-Level understanding of French was a key asset to the task. That being said he’s not shown me anything yet that convinces me that he’d be a good business partner for Lord Sugar.

6. (4) Vana 

Despite Vana being the Project Manager on the losing team I admired the fact in which she took responsibility for most of the bad decisions her group of girls made. I felt her problem was that she was intimidated by certain characters on her team and she let this issue cloud her judgement in certain areas. However I did sympathise with her when most of her team turned on her in the boardroom and I think that if she takes Lord Sugar’s advice on board then she won’t turn up in the final three again next week.

7. (13) Mergim 

I’m not sure if Mergim has a game plan but this was the first week in which he actually justified his place in the competition. His negotiation on the mussels was one of the highlights of the episode and I think for the first time he did contribute to the overall success of the task.

8. (8) Scott 

After failing in last week’s pitch Scott mainly stayed in the background here which is a shame as I initially had high hopes for him.

9. (2) David 

I felt that David did well last week but this time round he didn’t really feature in the episode which made me think that this wasn’t really the task for him.

10. (6) Ruth 

It was a shame that Ruth didn’t really do a lot this time round as she’s still my favourite candidate in a lot of ways. Hopefully we’ll see more of her next week as I find her quirkiness to be rather infectious.

11. (14) Natalie 

After washing her hands of the product last week, Natalie stepped up her game slightly and was part of a couple of the only successful negotiations that her team had.

12. (16) Elle 

Elle was languishing near the bottom of my list for two weeks due to the fact that she didn’t do anything until it was time to complain about her team’s failure. But this week she did step up and volunteer to be project manager even though this bid was unsuccessful. Sure her rubbish deal with the dinghy was one of the reasons her team lost the task but this was partly to do with her negative team mates. But despite this major fumble I still admire Elle for stepping up her game and actually doing something for once.

13. (10) Charlene 

My favourite in week one was in the background for a lot of the episode and her scary eyes are starting to bug me. However she does win brownie points for her excellent assessment of Selina being akin to a wasp buzzing in your ear.

14. (15) April 

A second week in the background for the unsuccessful Project Manager of week one which is obviously part of a bigger gameplan. But I think this strategy will only get her so far and I think eventually Lord Sugar will wise up to what’s she doing and kick her out of the process.

15 (12) Selina 

Maybe it’s just how she’s been edited these past two weeks but the winning Project Manager of the first task has shown herself to be rather hurtful. The way she spoke to Charlene last week and Vana on this task showed her true colours and in my opinion they weren’t pretty. Selina seems to be someone who when things are going wrong always tries to save herself and that’s why she’s bottom of my list this week.

Fired: Jenny 

I did feel a little sorry for Jenny who I don’t think showed us what she could do before she was shown the door. But I think she was doomed as soon as Vana picked her as one of the final three as she’s been in the background for the last three weeks which is something that Lord Sugar isn’t a fan of. Jenny’s speech in the car also showed her to be rather arrogant and it was at this moment that I thought that maybe Lord Sugar was right to get rid of her.

Random Observations 

I don’t know if something about his ego but Lord Sugar really does like being projected onto a big screen doesn’t he?

As it’s coming up to Halloween I did appreciate the fact that Claude’s spooky face in those dark tunnels had rather a horror movie feel to it.

I love Karren’s look of desperation and it was in full force this week as she was forced to watch the girls’ team crumble around her.

Next week it’s all about flogging goods at the National Pet’s Show but who’ll be pick of the litter and who’ll be Lord Sugar’s runt of the pack? Join me then to pick over the remains of the task.

The Apprentice Continues Wednesday 9.00pm on BBC One

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