The Apprentice: Ranking the Candidates After Task Seven

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Supply and demand was the name of the game this week with the contestants setting up budget shops in Manchester and primarily stocking it with non-branded items from wholesalers. In my opinion this was the first time in the process where nobody came off looking particularly good and I feel that there wasn’t one stand out candidate amongst the bunch. That being said I’ve got a job to do here so once again I present you my list of how I reckon the candidates are doing after a very underwhelming instalment.

1. (4) Vana 

For the first time in this chart, somebody in the losing team is at number one however I think Vana faired best overall. Despite her small blunder with the pricing on the first day she was the only member of her team to retain a positive attitude throughout the second day of trading. It was her friendly nature and sales experience that helped draw in the customers leading to her team actually having more money in the tills at the end of the day.

2. (2) Brett 

Despite being dragged into the boardroom for the third day, Brett did very little wrong in my eyes. Alongside Vana, he helped to get trade into the team’s shop and also seemed to have a handle on what items were needed to restock the venue. The only negative against Brett’s name is his aggressive attitude and the way in which he puts himself before other members of the team.

3. (1) Joseph 

Still one of my favourites to win, Joseph was oddly absent throughout the majority of this episode. That being said he did come up with another good idea namely bagging together some of his team’s branded items and selling them off for a fiver.

4. (10) Charlene 

Even when she won as Project Manager Charlene didn’t really demonstrate that she belonged in this process however this task showed her in a positive light. Charlene especially shone on the first day, selling items to the public on a market stall and was able to get one over on her nemesis Richard.

5. (3) Richard 

Oddly Richard wasn’t demanding to be front and centre of the task this week instead being in charge of roping people to come into the store. Although his efforts were desperate at best it was great to see the light-hearted side of Richard and he is growing on me more than in the show’s first few weeks.

6. (9) Gary 

Although Gary did win his first task as Project Manager it didn’t seem that he did a lot as far as the overall running of the shop was concerned. Instead he let the bigger characters take charge and spent ages trying to decide what to restock the shop with before heading off later in the day. At the same time he did impress me with his retail knowledge and the fact he bought a lot of the stock for quite a cheap price ultimately helped the team win the task. Furthermore, if I’m honest, it was just good to see Gary do something for once.

7. (6) Scott 

Up to now I have quite liked Scott but some of what he did in this latest task left a bad taste in my mouth. I especially didn’t like the way in which he belittled Sam in the firing line, ridiculing his business and ultimately not even shaking his hand before he left. At the same time I applaud Scott for not taking scapegoat Selina back into the boardroom and also for picking the team’s spirits back up towards the end of the second day.

8. (5) David 

David didn’t do anything particularly wrong during this task but I actually didn’t see him do much at all if I’m honest.

9. (7) Selina 

Selina can’t be long for the show now as she’s been portrayed as somebody who does very little apart from complain that she’s being given nothing to do. I did honestly think she would go tonight and if it wasn’t for Scott’s altercation with Brett I feel that she would’ve definitely been in the firing line.

Fired: Sam 

I honestly think that Sam was doomed from the very start of the episode when he was the last person downstairs to greet Lord Sugar at the house. He is somebody who has stayed in the background for the majority of the series and when he has been front and centre he hasn’t shown me any sort of business acumen. I do think that Sam should stick to what he knows best and maybe brush up on his counting skills a little bit.

Random Observations 

Some of Lord Sugar’s scripted lines this series have been very uninspired indeed especially that supply and demand gag which just felt very forced.

Karren Brady was on fire tonight, chastising Vana and Brett for their pricing scam and pulling a myriad of disappointed facial expressions.

Conversely Claude still has done nothing to prove that he belongs in Nick Hewer’s old role and I find his to-camera pieces to be very dry.

I do think that the treats this series have been very mediocre and I don’t think going for a drink at the top of The Shard is that exciting compared to what some winning teams have done in the past.

Next Week: The teams have to organise two children’s birthday parties but who’ll be eating the cake of victory and whose candle will be blown out for the last time?

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