The Apprentice: Ranking the Candidates After Task Nine

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Well that was a turn up for the books wasn’t it? For the first time in Apprentice history somebody from the winning team decided to take it upon themselves to leave the process after realising they weren’t long for the show. While I do feel for Scott I think his resignation and Selina’s subsequent firing made for great television and added another couple of memorable moments to what has already been a solid series. Meanwhile the property task itself was full of cringe-worthy moments and prospective buyers who really should have waited until the real estate agents got hold of the properties. As ever here’s my look at the remaining candidates as I rank their chances of winning following last night’s task.

1. (5) Vana

Vana’s probably been the most consistent candidate in the process thus far and, after a shaky start, has really been a valuable player in most tasks. That being said she’s often taken a back seat to some of the more colourful characters and so it was great tonight to see her on an equal footing with the often overbearing Richard. Vana’s presence helped Richard seemed more professional and the pair worked as a well-oiled unit to secure sales on some of the more desirable top-end properties. It’s clear to me that at this stage Vana will be in the final five of The Apprentice and has a good chance of making it to the last week.

2. (1) Richard

Richard is at his best when his obvious sales skills are reigned in by another team mate and that’s why his partnership with Vana worked so well. Although at some points Richard was still as irritating as ever, this tasked once again showcased why he’s only been on the losing team once and why he’s one of the most viable candidates left in the process.

3.(4) Joseph

It’s fair to say that Joseph hasn’t had the best couple of weeks but I do admire him for stepping up this week even though it was clear he was out of his depth. I think things were against him from the moment Selina was added to his team as he had to manage both she and Charlene. To his credit I felt Joseph did well to sell one of the high end flats and was a fair project manager for the most part. However his failure here did put a blemish on his progress in the competition so far and a question mark on whether he’s quite ready to become Lord Sugar’s business partner.

4. (8) Charlene

Whilst Charlene certainly isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer she’s proved herself to be a decent saleswoman. She definitely stepped up this week and utilised her down-to-earth manner to secure several sales on the moderately price properties. At the same time she really struggles to think before she speaks and doesn’t really know how to act when around people who she doesn’t particularly get on with.

5. (6) Gary

Lord Sugar described Gary as a Steady Eddie and this is an apt description of a man who has coasted through to the final stages of The Apprentice. Gary kept his head down this week while at the same time garnering at least one sale which I think stopped him from getting fired. When the process started I didn’t think Gary would make it very far and now I’m shocked that there’s a real possibility that he could be in the final five.

6. (2) Brett 

There was a lot of vitriol aimed at Scott from Lord Sugar’s advisers but I don’t think that Brett performed much better during the task. After forming a rather successful partnership with Scott last week, Brett was happy to let him be the fall guy of their sub team. Additionally I’m still not sure where Lord Sugar’s feelings on Brett currently lie and it will be interesting to see what happens if his team ends up in the boardroom next week.

Fired: Selina

It was a long time coming but finally the snide businesswoman has been given her marching orders much to the delight of most of her fellow candidates. Selina was someone who was painted as having not many redeemable qualities and the fact that she’s openly criticised the show demonstrates to me how vindictive she is. That being said she was still an entertaining presence and one of this year’s most memorable characters.

Resigned: Scott

Conversely I don’t think anybody will particularly remember Scott when looking back at this series of The Apprentice apart from thinking of him as that guy who left of his own accord. Having hearing about the way Scott left the show I still couldn’t quite believe it when he took it upon himself to leave the process. However in a way I don’t blame him as he was given an unjust amount of abuse from Lord Sugar and Karren who appeared to have some sort of vendetta against him. It’s a shame as Scott seemed to be a very positive chap early on but the show sort of wore him down to the point where his heart clearly wasn’t in it any more.

Random Observations

Lord Sugar has a real problem with estate agents doesn’t he? Last night’s boardroom saw him take several digs at a profession which he described as a necessary evil. In fact if I was an estate agent watching last night I’d be worried if I ever had to sell Sugar a property in the near future.

Karren proved her worth last night once again as she had to interject several times when she felt the candidates were just providing the wrong sort of information.

Meanwhile Claude really didn’t make an impact at all last night and I do have to wonder if being one of Lord Sugar’s advisers is wearing him down suffice to say I don’t think he’ll be in the role again next week.

It was hinted at that the arguments between Charlene and Selina continued into The Apprentice house which makes me want to see footage from the candidates’ abode even more. I often wish that there was a half hour spin-off show focusing on what goes on in the house when the cameras aren’t rolling but I do fear that they may pick up some unsavoury moments.

Next week the candidates are tasked with making healthy snacks but who’ll find themselves with a tasty route to the final five and who’ll leave a bad taste in Lord Sugar’s mouth?

As ever I’ll be back with my ranking of the final candidates and remember you can always follow me on Twitter @mattstvbites

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