The Apprentice: Ranking the Candidates after Task Eight

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I’m sure we all have memories of our childhood birthday parties and how we all looked forward to getting our friends together to spend the day together. However I certainly don’t remember any of my parties being as horrendous that the ones the remaining Apprentice candidates put on for two unsuspecting youngsters. Late food, dangerous cake and underwhelming goody bags were all on hand to make this a memorable task but in the end it was Selina’s team who got to celebrate whilst Gary’s quartet all found themselves facing the firing finger. As always here’s my look at this week’s episode as I once again rank the candidates in how much I felt they shone during the task.

1. (5) Richard

In a task where nobody really came out smelling of roses I do begrudgingly have to single out Richard for keeping down the costs of the party as best he could. He did seem to have the power talk talk Selina out of making some odd decisions and the choice of having a barbecue meal instead of an afternoon tea may have aided them in their ultimate victory. At the same time Richard did get all hot under the collar making what should have been a fairly simple Birthday Party meal and I don’t like like the way in which he treated Vana like his own personal slave.

2. (2) Brett & (7) Scott 

After being at each other’s throats for the best part of the last episode, Brett and Scott seemed to be joined at the hip this week hence their being placed in joint second position. Unlike David and Gary, Brett and Scott understood how to bring some entertainment to a birthday party and the girls really seemed to enjoy themselves. Although neither Brett nor Scott really shone in their team, I think their contribution meant that the birthday girl’s mum didn’t knock any more off the price she’d originally agreed.

4. (3) Joseph 

The cake disaster was the first wobble that Joseph really has had in the eight weeks of the process but I do feel he coped well on a team that didn’t have any strong leadership. I also agree that the party bags would’ve been accepted more by the parents had the glowsticks and wristbands not been removed by David.

5. (1) Vana 

I really like Vana but I do feel she was in the wrong place at the wrong time namely being the one who had to put up with Richard for two days. Richard’s overbearing attitude saw Vana being used as little more than home help as she helped try to save what should have been a simple enough buffet of barbecued burgers and birthday cake.

6. (6) Gary 

Gary comes across as a nice guy but he’s definitely not leadership material and I don’t think it’s long before he gets fired. I did feel that he was unlucky to be on the losing team especially after a promising start and a good rapport with the birthday boys’ parents. However I think his delegation left a lot to be desired and his inability to make decisions ultimately led to the failure of the task.

7. (9) Selina 

The only reason that Selina isn’t bottom of the chart is that she was the winning Project Manager but I’m not sure how much of that was down to her. I was convinced that her cavalcade of disasters including not taking the clients’ number and overdoing it on the party bags would see her team lose the task. But somehow she’s managed to survive another week so I’m just hoping her eventual fall from grace is as monumental as I’m expecting it to be.

8. (4) Charlene 

Charlene garnered points for being the most enthusiastic member of her team and I reckon if she’d swapped places with David throughout the day then they might not have lost the task. At the same time she lost all of my respect after her behaviour in the boardroom towards David basically selling him down the river. Additionally believe that all of the debacle with the nuts in the chocolate spread was mostly her fault as she tends to overreact to the tiniest of problems.

Fired: David 

Being Richard’s right hand man for weeks on end seemed to have had a negative effect on David as he spent the majority of the task insulting Joseph and Charlene. Additionally I felt that he didn’t really have the enthusiasm needed for a kid’s party or the ironing ability needed to put a transfer on a T-Shirt. It’s a shame as one time David was a really an upbeat candidate but I think the process has worn him down to a shade of his former self therefore I’m not sorry to see him go.

Random Observations 

I love how Claude is aware of his own reputation as ‘the scary one’ as he talked about how Selina’s behaviour at the initial meeting with the birthday girl put him to shame.

Karren Brady was all about health and safety this week as she looked genuinely worried if a death may occur if the birthday boy’s mother got anywhere near that cake of death.

Classic Lord Sugar this week as he gave us a priceless expression as Charlene deigned to leave the boardroom before she was dismissed.

Next Week: The candidates start selling house but who’ll climb the property ladder and who’ll slide so far down they’ll find themselves in the back of a black cab?

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