The BBC announce New Drama ‘In The Club’

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The BBC have announced a new drama from Kay Mellor. In The Club is a 6×60-minute drama about pregnancy, imminent birth, love and the changing nature of relationships that a new baby brings to a modern family. The series follows six very different couples, who’ve bonded at the local Parent Craft class in the last trimester of their pregnancies. Each has their own unique issues to deal with, be it swollen feet, chronic wind or Braxton Hicks alongside debt, divorce and even death.

Schoolgirl Rosie (15) has been hiding her pregnancy from everyone – the school, her lorry driver father and even her unborn baby’s father.

At the other end of the spectrum there’s business woman Roanna (46), who has two grown-up children and now finds herself pregnant again, this time to Simon, her young artist lover. She’s prepared to walk away from it all – the business, the money, and her rich soon-to-be-ex husband – as long as she can do it in her Louboutin shoes.

The complications and traumas of same sex parenting are an increasing battle for Susie and Kim (34) who are expecting their second child to the same biological father. This time its teaching assistant Kim who is pregnant but the arrangement with friend and sperm donor Neil is not quite what it seems.

Dianne (39) and Rick are expecting their ‘miracle’ child having been told they would never conceive. But as a late scan reveals more than they bargained for, husband Rick hides an even bigger surprise.

Things have worked out for beautiful Yasmin (24) and her husband Dev; it was an arranged marriage that worked – clearly their parents did know best – and they are now expecting their ‘honeymoon baby’. But there’s a question mark over her due date and the maths doesn’t quite work.

Then of course there’s midwife Vicky (28). As a parent craft teacher she’s coached countless women through their labours, but secretly she’s terrified of her own imminent birth. Her fellow midwives have a shock in store when they find out who the mystery father of her baby is.

Creator and writer Kay Mellor says: “Having given birth as a teenager I know how life changing it is. Birth is the ultimate creation; it changes you and your relationships forever. I’m still close friends with the people I met at my antenatal class. It’s a special time in your life, a time when you need people that understand what you’re going through and a close bond can be formed that can result in a lifelong friendship.

“I’m delighted to be writing for BBC One again. Both Ben Stephenson and Polly Hill instinctively understand my work. They encourage and trust me to deliver; as a dramatist you couldn’t ask for anything more and for that I’m eternally grateful.”

Polly Hill, BBC Head of Independent Drama, adds: “I am thrilled to be bringing Kay’s new drama series to BBC One. Like The Syndicate, Kay captures the extraordinary drama that can happen in ordinary life, and she has you laugh and cry with them along the way. I’m sure In the Club will be a real treat for our BBC One audience, when it airs next year.”

The executive producers are Kay Mellor for Rollem Productions and Polly Hill for the BBC. It is produced by Yvonne Francas for Rollem Productions.

In The Club is a 6×60-minute series made by Rollem Productions for BBC One and will transmit next year.

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