The BBC announces Monkey Planet.

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The BBC have an entertaining and compelling new series for BBC One, Monkey Planet, from the BBC’s Natural History Unit and co-produced by Animal Planet in the USA. It gives a complete portrait of our fascinating animal family.

Presented by zoologist Dr George McGavin, Monkey Planet is about much more than just monkeys – it’s about the whole primate family. With strange lemurs, acrobatic monkeys and the enigmatic apes, we will be introduced to our closest animal cousins.

The 3-part documentary series -minute series takes viewers around the world to uncover the secrets of the primate family success: ingenious survival tactics and extraordinary physical adaptations; fascinating family lives that mirror ours in so many ways; highly intelligent and flexible minds that show the smartest primates are more like us than you’d ever think possible.

George McGavin says: “The chance to see some of our amazing primate family face-to-face is something any zoologist would jump at. We filmed a wild chimpanzee hunt, tool-using macaques, vast herds of grazing geladas on the Ethiopian highlands, the plight of orphaned orang-utans and much more. It’s hard to pick out any one species but I fell in love with the baby bonobos and an aye-aye, a strange looking species from Madagascar. I remember drawing the skeleton of an aye-aye during my degree course but coming face to face with the planet’s most bizarre primate was an unforgettable experience.

“Primates are intelligent and resourceful animals but many species are threatened from hunting and habitat loss. I can only hope that we have the intelligence to see that they are an important part of the planet’s biodiversity and have the resourcefulness to make sure that they survive.”

As George travels the globe, he will show us to the more unusual and quirky members of our primate family, from a tiny monkey as small as a squirrel that has a very modern approach to childcare, to the long-tailed macaques in Thailand who floss their teeth with human hair. George also gets up close and personal with Siswi, an orang-utan who uses soap to improve her personal hygiene and meets a bonobo in the States who can order his own picnic on a smart phone and toast marshmallows in a fire he makes himself.

Monkey Planet Coming Soon to BBC ONE.

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