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This week The Custard TV got to have a brief chat with Shane Richie where he told us all about his new National Lottery game show Win Your Wish List plus how he keeps going during pantomime season.

Can you explain the idea behind Win Your Wish List?

We all have a Wish List! I wish I could have an exotic holiday, or I wish I could have an amazing diamond ring to propose to my partner, and so on! It really is amazing for the contestants and very nerve racking whilst trying to win them as they’re so special and sometimes, so important!

Does the fact the contestants are playing for prizes they’ve chosen have an affect on how they play?

Of course as this is their wish list. No one chooses for them which makes the winning of the wishes very special!

Do you enjoy playing host?

I love it because I love people. Their stories and reasons for their whishes’ are so interesting.

What would be on your own personal Wish List?

I have a friend who’s going through a bit of a tough time, and I hope (wish) things change for him. I’m involved with a children’s charity and I would ask the charity what is on their wish list? And hopefully make it come true for them,

How would you presenting style?

I’m just me! Enjoying being a part of a show! There can be disagreements and uncertainty some times, but that’s all part of the show.

How was it working with the couples on the show? Were there any disagreements in the teams?

There can be disagreements and uncertainty some times, but that’s all part of the show.

What’s is Christmas going to be like in Richie household this year?

Crazy as I get home from the theatre late Christmas Eve, and no sooner than I’ve got into bed the children are shouting ‘he’s been!’ (Hopefully referring to Father Xmas!) I only have Xmas day as I’m up early on Boxing Day and drive back to the theatre as I have two shows that day.

As we’re a TV site we’re keen to know what’s been your favourite TV show this year?

Far too many to pick on one, sorry.

You are in Panto this Christmas. That can be quite a hectic schedule how do you cope with that?

I try and get regular sleep but it’s difficult to plan. Plus I try not to leave the theatre where possible in between shows and have a rest in my dressing room.

The National Lottery: Win Your Wish List airs on Saturday 27 December on BBC One at 7.40pm

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