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by | Sep 29, 2005 | All, Reviews


• The likeable Zoe Ball has replaced Ulrika Jonsson as co-presenter with deadly Mark Durden-Smith (the posh version of Jamie Theakston)

• Graham Taylor exuding genuine belief in the team and their ability. “Love the ball. Care for it, caress it. Treat it like your girlfriend, your lover, your wife.”

• Sky’s experience of building up the excitement (“Coming up – a cracker from Ewood Park”) paid off by hyping up the schoolboy dream stuff throughout.

• Phil Tufnell. Smoking, drinking but still giving it his best. And revealing his experience with captains. “I didn’t like any of them, but that’s because they pointed out they didn’t like me first.”

• Paddy McGuinness, cheeky and a naturally funny guy. “Is 400 press ups before lunch good? That’s what I do but I will probably up me game a little for this. ”

• The childish but still funny “back after these massages” gag.

• Ralf Little and his excitable little schoolboy image as he knows this is his dream come true.

• The bust up between Phil Olivier and Dane Bowers. Real handbags at dawn stuff.

• The tension when the gaffer was announcing his three contenders for the public vote.


• Some of the non-celebs eg Steve Brookstein and half of the Dream Team cast.

• Why not just let the manager pick the best players rather than put players on “The Bench” so that viewers can choose their favourites? Surely Sky can do without the phone call revenue.

• Too much emphasis put on what happened last year and then last week, instead of just getting on with it.

• Showing a clip of Dane Bowers singing with Victoria Beckham before 9.00pm and without a warning.

• The realisation that the team has no decent keeper so they will get hammered next week.

• The constant teasing of the Olivier-Bowers bust-up before every break.

• The programme lasted too long. Could have edited this 90 minutes down to 60 easily.

Luke Knowles

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