The Quarter finals of The Great British Bake Off

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Can you believe it’s already the quarter final?! Five bakers remaining and all seem to have a fair chance at taking the crown. I have to admit, I’m still absolutely gutted about Mat leaving last week but the excitement of the upcoming final somewhat eases the pain.

All the bakers came this week with a slight nervousness in their step, all fully aware that they could easily fall at the last hurdle. Tensions were as high as ever in the tent this week as the theme was revealed to be Patisseries. First up, Cream Horns. While Twitter almost exploded with innuendos, the guys in the tent got to work at creating cream and pastry. Last week’s Star Baker Tamal started off feeling fairly confident but that soon disappeared after a questioning Paul Hollywood approached his table to discuss flour. Flora, on the other hand, took it all in her stride and went for an Ice Cream cone look while Iain seemed to spend most of his time choosing the perfect almond slice. With thirty minutes left it seemed like no one was even close to finishing. Flora had some serious chocolate dripage while Iain had some serious Horn dropage, though Paul’s creaming of his cones while grunting heavily was definitely a highlight of the task. Nadiya appeared to be the only baker who didn’t panic, smashing the challenge and going to the top of Paul and Mary’s baker list.

Next up, Mochatines, whatever they are. With none of the bakers really knowing what they were doing, all five tried their best to understand the recipe. To be fair most seemed to be doing a fairly decent job, that is all but Paul and his raw sponge base. While the rest were sorting out their chocolate spread, Paul was made to go back to square one only to have another near-raw experience. Thankfully he managed to make his sponge look half decent, just finishing in time to present to the judges. Sadly however, both Paul and Tamal saw icing problems, which left them both at the bottom of the table. Once again Nadiya aced the technical, taking the top spot. At this point it was pretty much clear she was walking into next week’s semi finals.

For the showstopper the bakers were required to make a Tower of Eclairs, the key being what to use to keep the tower upright. This is easily one of my favourite challenges they’ve done so far, who doesn’t love a Tower of Eclairs?

All the bakers were ready for this one with an abundance of flavours coming from the final five, but that was the easy bit. When it came to stacking the eclairs, the nerves were out in force.  This was by far the tensest task we’ve had and I guarantee we all help out breath as the towers got higher and higher. A two hour break was required once completed to see if the towers remained standing.  Clear Star Baker Nadiya had a slight hiccup as her tower pretty much collapsed in her hands, while Paul had an absolute shocker as he came back to a creamy, bananary mess. Flora not only had a standing issue but an overall flavour issue with no apparent flavour coming out at all. Awkward.

While it was pretty much clear from ten minutes in that Nadiya would take Star Baker, I’m once again gutted about who left. Poor Paul. Obviously he didn’t have a good week, in fact he had an absolute disaster, but I still didn’t want him to leave. What’s even sadder is the fact that there are only two episodes left of The Great British Bake Off 2015 – what are we going to do when it all ends?

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