The Returned delivers more twists

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This week, finally, some things became clear. And then a whole load of new twists made everything confusing again. It does seem like we will get a satisfying conclusion in three weeks time, although I am concerned that a second series has been commissioned.

We began this episode 7 years previous, with Serge, who had been kept prisoner by his mother and brother Toni, attacking Julie in the underpass of doom. Toni stops the attack, takes Julie to the doors of the hospital and whacks Serge over the head with a shovel. While burying Serge, he regains consciousness so Toni whacks him again, killing him. This of course echoes the scene when Serge and Toni are reunited. I briefly consider that Serge has always been an undead zombie, which is why he has cannibalistic tendencies, but I’ve scotched that theory now. To give Serge credit, after discovering Lena last week, this week he has been secretly caring for her, curbing his desires by shooting a deer (what is this, Homeland?)

Lena’s parents are frantically looking for her, leaving Camille to get up to no good. Discovering that she can drink a lot (I counted 8 vodka shots) without getting drunk, she finally gets to kiss Frederic. Except her Dad comes in and drags her away, and she makes the mistake of calling him Dad. Frederic sneaks in to her room later (all that CCTV yet the houses are so easy to get into) and realises she is Camille. Understandably he is freaked out and Camille is distraught. At least she got some fun when Simon turned up seeking refuge. She delivers a message to Adele for him and he poses as an ex-boyfriend to make Frederic jealous. I quite like this new double act.

Once again, it is Victor that proves the nucleus of the programme. First of all, he has found his voice. I find him less creepy now he talks. He seems very much like a frightened little boy who wants to get back at the bad guys who killed him. Which is fair enough. He pals up with Mme Costa, who died just after he did. She clearly knows all about him but withholds his true name when she meets Julie later on. Who is Victor? He must be in some way related one of the townspeople, but who? Maybe Thomas?

Anyway, Victor causes a townwide blackout during his confrontation with Pierre. Pierre protests that he had no idea it was Victor in the wardrobe and seems genuinally penitent. Then, Victor once again appears to cause an hallucination in which the mystery gunman comes back. The illusion is shattered when Julie and the female police officer, Laure, arrive to save the day. Laure, Julie and Victor are well on their way to being a happy family, especially since Julie contemplates suicide to discover if she is one of the Returned and Laure rescues her.

One mystery is sort of cleared up, that of the underwater village. Turns out the church spire poking out of the top of the lake is wellknown, the dam broke and flooded the village many years before but how it happened and who died has not yet been revealed. As in the opening credits, lots of animals are under the water. They appear to have committed suicide in terror. Is this another hallucination?

Finally, Lucy’s wounds are healing, so it looks like the near dead won’t die. She dramatically wakes up at the end of the episode, so we may also get an explanation for how she discovered she could communicate with the dead during sex (vomit). There is one new mystery though: if Julie is the Appetiser and there were other victims after her, who killed them? Serge was in the grave…

Contributed by Victoria Prior

Vicky Prior

Vicky Prior



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